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Friday, March 27, 2015

I am entering a 10-day cone of silence

Today, I leave for my annual National Lampoon family vacation, and from now on, visits to the "Inter Web" will be sparse and fleeting.

Therefore, I am temporarily turning over the Batmobile keys to Mustang, Alphonso, John M, KD, I'm Bill White, Bern Baby and Alibi, Ghost of Scott Brosius - even Buhner's ghost (secret Seattle operative) - to any of the oldsters who still feel the drunken need to howl at the Yankee moon...

I'll be keeping tabs on this. Sometimes, in transit, I will actually have time to fire off a slanderous and hateful screed - and I will. But it's more likely you won't hear from me.

Please play nicely. Remember: It's only the Yankees... an elite-funded mirage designed to placate the masses into subservience and derail necessary violent revolution. (Hail Hydra!)  


Anonymous said...

jeez, SXSW wasn't a good enough vacation?

KD said...

Duque sees we're on to him.

Clem said...

Try to maintain a small carbon footprint during your wanderings--good karma and all that. Thought you might like to ponder Fangraph's 2015 WL projections during your journey: