Friday, December 1, 2017

Alphonso Proves Prophetic...Boone named manager for life.

The Yankee's new manager is, of course, the reason the Yankees drifted into chaos.  Had he not blown out his knee in a pick-up basketball game...well, lot's of bad, stupid, expensive, wasted stuff would not have happened.  Surely the Yankees would have won a lot more often.

So we now know that any of us can manage.  We just don't have the connections to earn the interviews.  Imagine making millions in a job where no experience is required.  Only in America.  Maybe that's what makes us so great.

The guy is a boring bull shit specialist, a perfect foil for Brian Cashman.  If he were to be paired with Joe Buck on a broadcast, we could turn off all media for a year and miss nothing.

Aaron played baseball so long ago, he can't possibly know anything about the game any more.  Wait !  I retract that statement.  The same goes for me.

So the long search, the limitless opportunity to re-build, restart and win championships ends with this. A guy who hasn't managed for a day.  I guy who wears a coonskin hat and hunts squirrels for dinner.  A talking head whose only "push back" comes from other talking heads.

 HensleyMuelens speaks five languages and never hit a lick.  And he came in second? How was he even in consideration?  Because he is Dutch?  Is he Dutch? Is Brian Cashman inhaling fumes from a neighborhood distillery while he sleeps?  I never thought either of the two finalists was even marginally qualified.  That's why my views are never considered to have value.

So, if the Yankees do well with Boone at the helm , we will have learned something.  That all you need is a body.  No minds need apply.  No proven ability is not a deal breaker.

I mean, seriously, is this serious?  I keep looking at the calendar thinking it must be April 1.

Really?  Really?

I would rather the Russian twin brothers.  Or anyone from Japan.

Either this is insane or I am.

Help us see the light, Mr. Duque.  We need your guidance and re-assurance.  The sky is falling.

I think we might be better off with no manager at all.


Anonymous said...

Alphonso's ramble is the usual blend of insight and ineptitude.

This is indeed an awful choice--a serious listen to Boone on ESPN's telecasts revealed a nonstop, frivolous cliche machine. Never an original or striking insight--just air-filling bilge. Jessica Mendoza sounded like Branch Rickey by contrast to this dim bulb.

And zero managerial or coaching experience. I am baffled by Alphonso's curt dismissal of Meulens, seemingly on the grounds that "he never hit a lick." Reggie Jackson hit a lick--would you want HIM for your manager? Or Manny Ramirez? Ralph Houk never hit a lick either, nor did Joe McCarthy. Nor did Tommy Lasorda. Or Earl Weaver. So WTF are you talking about, Alphonso?

Meulens has been a savvy and valuable bench coach for the Giants and, by all accounts, a fine human being and shrewd tactician who would have had a leg up in relating to the growing number of players of color and Latinos on the Yankee roster. It would have been the perfect choice--a kind of Yankees's version of Dave Roberts. It would have been the choice of a shrewd organization focused on the future, led by people of real intellect and vision. That, of course, is not the Yankees. Instead they chose a frivolous, babblign yutz.

Good luck, Yankee fans.

Unsustainable BABIP said...

Maybe the only criterion was, you had to hit a big home run against the Red Six in a winner-take-all game. Worked for Bucky Dent, right?

13bit said...

Wow, I can't believe The Onion hacked this blog...

Say it ain't so, Joe. Does that mean the Geico Gecko is the new announcer?

I need to go meditate.

13bit said...

That endless sucking sound is my balls getting washed out to sea via Long Island Sound. Aaron

Anonymous said...

Aaron Boone= "White privilege" are u freaking kidding me. Muelens or Arod/Beltran were clearly better choices It's like the stupider less moral less character/principled version of Joey Binders. I never thought I'd see the day SO SOON that Id want Binders back

Parson Tom said...

This is sad. So sad. The Yankees had a chance and they blew it. A multilingual option such as Beltran or Meulens would seem to be so much smarter, so much more progressive. And having listened to Aaron Boone's cliched ramblings on television, we know he's not an original thinker. Just another ex-player calling on his guys to "dig deep".

JJ in MA said...

This just in -- Yankees select new manager:

He's a natural.

Alphonso said...

To Anonymous in lower caps,

I totally agree that my comment on Hensley was incoherent. I thrive in the world of inanity.

And I was getting near the bottom of the Gentleman Jack.

I would love a manager who speaks 5 languages.

But didn't he steal Jeter's glove once? Was that someone else?

Is Luis Tiant still alive and well? He could manage better than Boone.

Anonymous said...

No, Alphonso--Jeter's glove was stolen by Ruben Rivera.

Anonymous said...

I think this fulfills c'ASSman's dream to manage the Yankees himself but not be held accountable for the losses and stupid decisions. His "rabbit ears" can't stand the heat!! I hope this catches up with him and the IDIOTS at the top fire his ASS.