Sunday, November 18, 2007

A-Rod's list of "unfinished business" in New York

1. Go to Ground Zero and help in rescue effort.
2. Win a Tony.
3. Ride the famous subway!
4. Meet Norman Mailer.
5. Build a treehouse.
6. Suzyn Waldman, in the clubhouse.
7. Punch-out Lupica.
8. Pull off the perfect murder, and get away.

9. Learn to speak French.
10. Fight homeless men in college frat parties for free wine.


rap said...

11. Attend a bris officiated by Rabbi Harold Moscowitz.

Anonymous said...

11. return "Single White Female" DVD to Blockbuster

12. Develop and market "Determined" - the A-Rod cologne

13. Film a "humorous" Visa commercial with Hank Steinbrenner (A-Rod and Hank in a conga line - it's gold!)

14. Date Mariah Carey, Vanessa Minillo, etc.

15. Host Saturday Night Live, dress in drag

16. Claim Florida as state of domicile to deny NY tax revenue

17. perform in the post-season

Anonymous said...

87. Have sex with Judith Regan in love nest overlooking Ground Zero.

Mustang said...

102. Share apartment with slob sportswriter.