Friday, January 18, 2008

Salute to Curt Schilling

Congratulations, Redsocks!
You really are the champs.
And for the next 100 years,
You have a brand new Gramps.
You know him as Curt Schilling.
You love to hear him talk.
He hobnobs with Dick Cheney,
And waves his bloody sock.
He really is a genius,
And humble, too, you’ll see.
And where there is a microphone,
That’s where his sock will be.
He'll sock it to the nation,
And where we all went wrong,
He'll stand up for self-righteousness,
Against the sockless throng.
Curt Schilling is your icon,
We really wish you well.
Congratulations, Redsocks.
You finally got to Hell.


Yankees Muse said...

your shit is funny as hell. I gave you props yesterday as the blog of the day check it out and added you to my blogroll. keep up the good work

el duque said...

Gracias, Muse.

As a fellow member of the Yankee Matrix, you are always welcome.

It's them pesky Redsock fans we have to keep an eye out for. That's why you'll never see the word "Gerbil" in our postings. Redsock fans are constantly googling it, and we don't want them coming here by mistake.

Yankees Muse said...

I think if you type in "gerbiling" into a search engine it takes you to that very same picture of shilling

el duque said...

That's how we got it.

Yankees Muse said...

Have you checked out my page? Although not as humerus as yours I would be honored to be considered for your murders row

el duque said...


You're in the lineup. That means you gotta produce.


Yankees Muse said...

Put me in coach Im ready to smack one like Jason Lane. :)

Abe Peters said...

Get a room, you two.

And Muse, watch that humerus bone.

BernBabyBern said...

And remember, we're not just funny as hell ...

we're the 83rd most influential sports blog in the entire civilized world!!!

And were on a roll. We'll be breaking the top 80 any day now ...