Friday, April 11, 2008

Injury Bug Bites Again

Alan Horne, last year's pitcher of the year in AA, left his start for AAA Scanton after two innings Thursday with a right bicep injury.
In pro football, that injury :

A. Requires Surgery.
B. Is a season-ender.

For a pitcher, it is a disaster.

Alan is one of the Yankees top pitching prospects.
Most of the rest are currently in surgery or recovery.

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Anonymous said...

According to a post on from someone who spoke to Horne last night (his dad sometimes posts on the forum):

"The expectation or educated guess is: 1) best case scenerio-strained biceps, 2) worst case scenerio-torn biceps. Right now, he will not leave on the roadtrip with team as he will have both X-Rays and MRIs taken tomorrow there in Scranton. It will probably be late tomorrow afternoon before results are available."