Thursday, September 3, 2009

10 tough questions for Senate candidate Curt Schilling's town meetings

1. Do you, by chance, remember that magical year when the Redsocks won the Series, and if so, could you draw upon those memories to form an analogy to the current situation in America?

2. Back in 2004, when the team was in trouble, much like today, did you ever feel that all hope was gone, and it wasn't worth continuing -- yet you didn't quit?

3. When you were pitching in terrible pain against the Yankees, bleeding from the ankle, did you ever imagine for a moment that a greatful population would someday ask you to run for office?

4. If elected to the U.S. Senate, would you feel a bit proud of Massachusetts for remembering all the hard work you put forth to make so many people happy?

5. In your opinion, should the U.S. government continue pushing its greedy, grubby hands deep into the pockets of honest, hard-working Americans?

6. Have any of your political opponents ever shut down the Yankees and led their team to a World Series?

7. Should Papi bat 7th?

8. What did you learn about politics from the master, Sen. George Mitchell?

9. How should Nancy Pelosi die? Poison or by fire? (Of course, I'm kidding! Haha! See my gun? It's not loaded!)

10. What is it about the name "Curt Schilling" that is just so magical, so it makes young people -- especially minorities -- turn away from the drugs and piercings, and return to playing family board games and getting involved with their communities! Does it have to do with choosing you over Manny?

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Anonymous said...

This is the kind of crap that makes me want to throw up!