Friday, August 3, 2018

Boone explodes!!!!: "We have to do a better job, play a cleaner brand of baseball, especially when things are hard..."

(From a comment by Local Bargain Jerk.)

Aaron "O so Carin" Boone has gone Hulk Smash. 

"We. Have. To. Do. A. Better. Job."

There you have it, Yankee fans. Problem diagnosed, solution at hand.

Sevy up. Chance Adams tomorrow. Dear God. I'd call for a Juju Intervention, but it's too embarrassing. 


Ken of Brooklyn said...

Hey Guys,
Now we know what to print on our Motivation posters!

KD said...

KOB: yeah. we must "automotivate" since Boone seems incapable of lighting a fire under these guys.

Back in the 70s I recall some team (probably the Orioles) had a little post-game Court where players who made errors, didn't hustle, or otherwise screwed up were tried and convicted by their peers. The penalty was a minor cash fine or something whimsical. All in fun but a guy did not want to be a defendant. Of course, for this to be effective, you need leadership (The Captain must serve as judge).

well, we don't have a Captain but we do have a Judge!

something needs to happen with this team to bring them together and regain that "fighting spirit". Remember the "fighting spirit" the Gammonites wrote about? Nobody talks about that any more. That went out the window when talk of "1998" fouled the atmosphere.

Mr. Boone, if you're reading this blog (and you should be reading this blog) you may take Kangaroo Court idea free of charge. Brian will think you're a genius. Probably best to introduce the idea when the team is on a win streak and things are going great. (Otherwise, tender feelings could get hurt.) In other words, this idea might have to wait until next year some time.

HoraceClarke66 said...

KD, you are very right! And it would be a great idea.

But do you remember who was the judge of the old Kangaroo Court? Frank Robinson, a player with a mean streak a mile wide. Just the sort of guy to be a team leader.

Judge isn't that guy. We don't have that guy. W NEED that guy!

HoraceClarke66 said...

Speaking of the old days, does anyone else remember Steve Pearce's brief Yankees sojourn?

It was down the stretch of the 2012 race with the Orioles. We picked him up because Tex was hurting—of course!—and he didn't hit much in a very small sample size. But Pearce DID make a terrific defensive play, I think throwing himself flat out to snare a line drive, that saved a game.

The next day, Coops released him.

I remember thinking at the time, 'What's a guy got to do to stay on this team?'

Ever since, Steve Pearce has rotated from one AL East team to another, making sure to pound the hell out of our pitching. Take a look at the stats: he has more homers and ribbies against us than he does against any other MLB team. He just LIVES to punish us.

Another nice move, Coops. We'll put it on your plaque.

Anonymous said...

We gave up Chasen Shrieve and Giovanny Gallegos (ranked #65 of all baseball prospects)
for Luke Voit. The Red Sox got Steve Pearce for a lesser ranked prospect. Of course we got that all important cash necessary to buy a 16 year old