Wednesday, August 22, 2018

They Have Multiplied

Enough said.

It is like refugees in Yemen.

Too many injured and unable to play.


TheWinWarblist said...


Leinstery said...

Why is it that the only people that can admit their failings are the Master and Pedro? An unlikely pairing.

Anonymous said...

Getting Britton seems like a good chunk of foresight. They should DL El Chapo. Let Britton close for the next couple of weeks and get this guy right.

The other thing the Yankees need to do is take the following:
El Chapo
Montgomery (Remember him? Our #5 Starter?)
and Greg Bird's Bat

On a bus tour of Lourdes. I'm sure they could get a group rate.(Which would make Hal happy.)

Doug K.

HoraceClarke66 said...

On the other hand....!

Does it seem to anyone else that, beneath all the deflation and disappointment this season, a sorta, kinda, heroic counter-narrative is quietly beginning to emerge?

Yep, everybody's hurt—but in some ways, at precisely the "right" time, when the schedule is weakest. And with the promise that they will be back in time for baseball's big second chance, when a third of all the teams make the postseason.

What's more, for all the wretched, uninspired play, we are starting to get into a little groove where a different guy seems to step up everyday, and do something key—the sort of reminiscence you hear about any and every championship season.

Yesterday, it was Higgy—and even Neil Walker!—having terrific all-around games, and Green and Cole gingerly walking themselves back from the brink and, who knew, Tommy Kahnle coming on in a very difficult situation and getting it done.

Sure, it was all against the Marlins, a truly wretched team. But these are the games you have to pull out by any means necessary, and if you do—if you end up winning the regularly scheduled pineapples—Fortuna's wheel starts to turn your way.

I know, I know. Citing even this slender, random ray of optimism will likely bring the JuJu furies descending upon us. And there is only so good that any team can possibly be with Slo-Pitch Bird on first base.

But. But...

KD said...

Pedro is correct. This team went from the "fighting spirit" of MLB last year to a malaise that would shock even Jimmy Carter. Is it the new guys' fault? Stanton or the rookies? Other than them, what's been the big change from last year?

Bingo! This is all on Ma Boone. Boone needs to take charge somehow but I feel it may already be too late for him. If the Yanks lose the wild card play-in, Boone is finished for sure.

TheWinWarblist said...

Slo-Pitch Bird™.

Slo-Pitch Bird™.

Yes. So yes.

Anonymous said...

Hoss brings up an interesting narrative that, to be honest, I'm afraid to tap into.

Nevertheless it is entirely possible that all of the injured come back strong and just in time for the playoffs as the lesser lights hold the fort.

I just can't go there yet. But I'd like to.

Then there's Boston a town that put the hub in hubris. They should beware of campaigns that peak too soon. Hopefully they will "coast" to the playoffs and then not be able to hit the switch. Not to mention, I don't want them anywhere near the 1998 record as their fans are already insufferable.

Doug K.

TheWinWarblist said...


HoraceClarke66 said...

I know, Doug K., I was afraid to even bring it up.

And that was my other magic number, which I was also afraid to mention, those bastards kept winning so much. But the number is 10—10 more losses and they cannot mathematically break the 1998 record.

But the incredible length of the long season, combined with a playoffs that now encompasses a full third of all teams, puts everything up in the air, and keeps it there.

KD, I would like to think you're right, but Ma being a Cashma-and-Cashman-only selection, he ain't goin' nowhere.

Thing is, Coops already has he narrative he needs for this season:

'Hey, despite incredible numbers of injuries, we battled back and hung in to...make the wild card'—and maybe more. The narrative for Ma will be, 'Hey, he kept a cool head when a lot of other rookie managers would've panicked.'

Then, Coops will go out and sign a bunch of high-priced free agents. And instead of admitting that this demonstrates the abject failure of his rebuilding effort—which it will—he will make out that this was the plan all along. 'I just wanted us to get below the cap for this year...'

Coops missed his true calling. He really should've gone into politics.

13bit said...

I’m not going to get sucked in.

TheWinWarblist said...

Big game tonight 13bit. The Yankees are a season high 33 games over .500. The AL West is beating each other's brains out. We're only 7 games back in The All Important Loss Column™. The Master says we just have to win a goodly amount of our own games. It's a tomato can tonight! Let yourself be sucked in. It's warm and comfortable. Come rest your head on The Warbler's bosom. I'll try not to smother you.

Joe Formerlyof Brooklyn said...

On 9/18, the Yankees and Red Sox get going on 6 games vs. one another. The NYYs have Bawlmore (3) and Tampa Bay (4) games between the 3-game series.

Between now and the 18th, the Yankees have 24 games to play. The Sox have 23. These counts include tonight's games (8/22)

Do you think the Yankees can make up enough loss-column games in this period to lead to the face-to-face games with the Evil Sox meaningful? So if they are 7 games apart in the loss column as of 6pm today ......can they make up 4 or 5?

I really hope it happens. But I have money in my pocket, and I'm not going to my wallet to bet on this.


JM said...

I'm giving up on Bird. He's become worse than Kevin Maas. Much worse.

It's sad, but the guy is batting .115 or something the past 17 games.

There is no coming around. I have a feeling the same is true of Sanchez, but there's still a chance there. Maybe.

Bird's haunted, sunken-eyed face will forever be part of the Nick Johnson WhatIf Hall of Fame.

Joe of AZ said...

And ONCE AGAIN Ma Boone leaves in a tiring pitcher WAY LONGER than he should have...ND brings in the WORST
Guy u could think of to try and stop the damage...

Give this man a dunce cap HE and the ramining 3 "mismanaging"musketeers( Boone, Thames, and Larry oh my) are the handicap of this team.

And the reason we WONT be hanging up #28 in 2018

I owe #JoeyBinders an Apology

Joe of AZ said...

John M ... I think Tyler Austin's dad (and the rest of us) would agree with your assessment's time for BLP to "fly the coop(s)" (pun intended)

Rufus T. Firefly said...

I may change my screen name to Tyler Austin's dad.

HoraceClarke66 said...

If it's any consolation, I think we should also start feeling very, very justified in our site-wide perturbation over acquiring Happ and Hapless, a.k.a., Lynn Lance Lynn Lance.

Sure enough, they looked like world beaters when they first game over, unafraid the challenge hitters, such a relief from Beardless Sonny Gray too scared to do more than bounce his curveballs in the dirt.

But now, we start to see what their dubious stats were all about. Happ could not get out of the sixth inning the other day against Toronto's miserable lineup, even with a five-run lead. Lynn imploded tonight against what is essentially a minor-league team: 9 hits, a walk, and five earned runs in fewer than six innings.

Essentially, we could have got these sorts of performances out of the buckets of minor leaguers traded away, plus Adams and Sheffield—and still had Tyler Austin available to take over for old Slo-Pitch Bird.

Yeah, I'm sure they're going to be shutting down the BoSox in another few weeks...

TheWinWarblist said...

I couldn't take any more. I turned off the game. Did anyone rupture a spleen?

HoraceClarke66 said...

Oh, well—so much for all that "counter narrative" bunkum!

Three more wins, and we can start calling up Lloyd's of London to see how much insurance policies on both Harper and Machado will cost.