Saturday, August 21, 2021



One of the commenters to Duque's post offered a really interesting idea;

Given that Hurricane Henri is likely to wipe out tomorrow's local baseball activity, why not play two today?  MLB lets baseball teams experience rainouts, and then schedules double headers to make up for the lost game. 

 Why not do the reverse?  Pre-empt the rainout.

That way, the Yankees might even make it out of town tonight so the Atlanta series doesn't have to be postponed. 

Great thinking ( by definition, beyond the capabilities of MLB ).

So what happens next?  The Yankees have had several catalyst lately, but one of them is named Velazquez.  He hit his first Yankee HR today. And continues to show exceptional range, glove, and arm on defense.

I know this is the kind of problem Boone loves to have ( too many really good players vying for too few spots), but watching Velazquez play makes watching the Yankees fun.

 It is been a long time since Gleyber evoked that response. 

I just hope that as " things work themselves out," Velazquez its a part of it. 


HoraceClarke67 said...

That was me, Alphonso, the Ghost of Hoss.

And an involved owner would have at least suggested it. All Foodstamps Hal can think of is the horror of missing another admission (though it could have been done as a separate-admission doubleheader).

Oh, well. At least having a game in your pocket with Minny isn't too bad.

HoraceClarke67 said...

Another interesting stat on the broadcast today:

Yanks had stolen 20 bases through their July 5th nadir, at 42-41, the major-league low.

SINCE then, they've stolen 30, the major-league high in that period. Hmm...

TheWinWarblist said...

There is a time and a place for the well-timed stolen base. And most pitchers - most ballplayers really - aren't smart enough to do two things at once. Make 'em think; it mostly confuses them.

TheWinWarblist said...

Plus it's fun! Let's have fun out there! It's a game! It's supposed to be fun!

HoraceClarke67 said...

The Amazins have completely fallen apart—though in fairness that's partly because they're playing good teams with good pitching. Still hard to believe we could beat the Dodgers even in a short series, with that pitching.

Anonymous Bosch said...

According to the Yankee's MLB website, Sunday's game HAS been wiped out: "postponed". I I assume that doesn't mean Sunday evening (when it seems likely it will be raining even heavier, if not flooding and sending Elvira Gulch by for a ride).

Winnie, caro, I love your truthful take on the mentality of anyone who plays this game at a professional level. Let the confusion ensue!

Leinstery said...

Who's the guy around here that loves to mock small ball. He says stealing bases and bunting don't win games. It's glaringly obvious that adding some guys that can fly on the bases and having the regulars steal too has had a drastic effect on the games. It's also more exciting when you don't have to pray for HRs to score.

If Velasquez can keep his average anywhere near .250, then why bring Gleyber back at all? That's pretty much his lifetime average if you remove the Orioles, and his power has been nonexistent for 2 years. He's slower than molasses on the bases and is as nimble as the living room sofa in the field. I'm not going to pretend Velasquez is the next big thing, he's having his moment, but he is currently a superior option compared to Gleyber.

ranger_lp said...

@Unknown...could have been worse...the Mets could have signed Bauer...

Anonymous said...

SB puts pressure on defense to cover and puts infielders on the move. A contact hitter has holes to hit through. All very basic to old baseball nuts like us, but apparently illuminating to current MLBers.

The Old School Archangel

Anonymous said...

Tell Hal that he will SAVE MONEY if he trades Gleyber and keeps Velaquez and he will do it.
We get two SP prospects in return. We get a hometown hero with moxie. [My mom's favorite expression].

The Shrewd Dealing Archangel