Wednesday, August 25, 2021

It's time we had a talk about Aroldis Chapman, because something is dreadfully wrong

Sadly, this we know: 

There is no realistic path to a 2021 Yankee world championship with Aroldis Chapman as closer. 

Nope. Ainta gonna happen. You might as well believe in leprechauns, or QAnons.

Listen: I'm not here to demean El Chapo. The evil that men do lives long after them; the good is oft interred with their ERAs. Chapman can help the '21 Yankees, maybe even play a pivotal role. But if the Yankees think they can ride him through an October - they've ingested too many edibles. We'll see the same finale as in the last two seasons - another walk-off meltdown. 

At this point in his career - pushing 34 - Aroldis has become a nightly roll of the dice, a waterfall hallucination, capable of imploding at any moment. No lead is safe, and a one-run lead looks especially dire. Going forth, Aaron Boone's rules for engaging Chapman should go this way:

When he goes 3-0 on a batter, start warming his replacement.

If he's not showing 100 mph velocity with control - regardless of how he's doing - start warming someone. 

If a runner reaches base - regardless of the reason - take him out.

Once the sweat droplets start rolling off his cap like a quart jug of Mountain Dew, take him out. 

Throughout his career, El Chapo has been a dominating, fearsome presence, a powerhouse on the mound. Right now, he's a giant inflatable, holding up a porcupine. On any given night, he might look superhuman - or go poof. And he won't correct everything in time to win a world series. 

Last night, we learned our other former all-star closer, Zack Britton, is likely done for the year. With trade restrictions choking the waiver wire, the Yankees must promote someone from within to pitch the ninth. 

We have two de facto closers - Jonathan Loaisiga and Mean Chad Green. Both have struggled, including some absolutely disastrous losses that, at the times, seemed to define the '21 Yankees. Last night, Wandy Peralta came through, surviving an incredible pressure cooker. But whatever it's worth, I lean toward the most interesting player on the Yankees - of course... Nasty Nestor. 

Though it would hurt to drop him from the rotation, here's why Nestor Octavio-Cortez can close. (And for whatever it's worth, if El Chapo doesn't like being demoted, "Tough titty" said the kitty with the milk so warm.) 

1. Throughout his career, Nestor has been a reliever. He's used to getting entering games on short notice. 

2. He's actually a better reliever than starter. In eight relief appearances this year, opposing batters are hitting only .197 against him. His 2.29 ERA in relief beats his 2.70 as a starter.

3. Nestor gets the leadoff batter. This year, the first batters he face are hitting a meager .143 against him. In his first inning, they are hitting .192 - an on base percentage of .222. He's not one of those pitchers who doesn't figure out his stuff until the fourth inning.

4. Nestor's problem this season has been the third time around in a batting order, when hitters are .342 against him. As closer, he never has to deal with this.

5. Can you imagine batters - after facing Cole, Green, Loasiga and maybe even El Chapo, fireballer after fireballer - and then, in comes this ballsy, kewpie doll slinging frisbees.

One other possibility, in a Disney fantasy sort of way: Could Luis Severino return to resume the one-inning role that began his career? Don't hold your breath. But seriously, folks, we need a unicorn. And it's time for a ninth inning intervention.




Rufus T. Firefly said...

The problem with Nasty Nestor as the closer is -- who would replace him in the rotation? Gil?

Parson Tom said...

use Gil as closer. they can't touch this.

Celerino Sanchez said...

Putting Chapman is the definition of Insanity, Doing the same thing over & over again and expecting a different result.

Dantes said...

The ghost of severino will stroll out of the field of dreams corn, catch a greyhound and become our closer late next week.

JM said...

I'm still sad about Charlie Watts. Losing Chapman is nothing new and pales in comparison to that news.

ZacharyA said...

I know it's bad form to complain about the manager during an 11-game winning streak, but I'm going to anyway:

Why was Aroldis Chapman left in the game after the 4-pitch walk to Ehire Adrianza? Boone has got to have a quicker hook.

Rizzo is 1-18 (.056) since coming off the IL and 5-41 (.122) since the Miami series. How do you let that guy get all the 1B plate appearances when Luke Voit is red hot? Luke is hitting .320/.393/.620 in 56 PA this month. I get it, Rizzo is a better glove blah blah blah. Bring him in as a defensive replacement in the 7th, whatever. Can we FOR ONCE ride a hot bat?

Why the hell was Rougned Odor still at third base in the 9th inning? He's made a couple bungling mistakes over there (I don't really blame him, he was forced to play a position he never had before on the fly in the middle of the season). Get Tyler Wade in for defense for crying out loud. This is basic stuff.

I was a few whiskeys in but I seem to remember Boone used Jonathan Davis as a pinch hitter. Pinch. Hitter. PINCH. HITTER. Davis is a career .171/.272/.248 batter and Boone used him off the bench just for his bat. He didn't come in for defense or pinch running. Boone looked at Davis and thought, "there's gotta be a way to get his bat in the game." Boone just let the pitcher hit next time.

Remind me again why Boone (and/or Cashman) chose to start Andrew Heaney over Luis Gil yesterday? Gil has thrown 15.2 scoreless innings to begin his MLB career and was good again in AAA last night (6.1 IP, 2 R). Heaney wasn't a disaster or anything, but what's the thought process here? Heaney is a pure rental, he has no longterm role on the team. Why are we showing him such loyalty? Here's what Boone said on the matter:

“Look, we have five guys in our rotation that are making starts right now, and in a lot of ways, you’d have to get rid of one of ‘em to have [Gil]. And I don’t know if that’s the smartest thing to do right now, especially when we are getting a lot of really good starts. Obviously Luis came up here and pitched really well and has put himself in that mix and in that conversation, but … [we’re] trying to hold on to some depth, especially not knowing what you’re going to need down the stretch.”

What the hell is he trying to say. Gil is already on the 40-man roster so no finagling is needed to get him up here. If you don't want to DFA Heaney just send Jonathan Davis back to AAA and call up Gil. Easy.

This winning streak has been fun but I can't shake the feeling that Boone is gonna cost us big in October.

JM said...

Zach, Boone is an idiot. Every point you make is totally correct. He's been as lucky as Torre in that the players he chooses have tended to come through many times, but that doesn't excuse his choices.

The Davis move was particularly inexplicable. They brought Davis up, he pinch (didn't) hit and they sent him back down. Why was he here? Why is Allen still ignored?

I thought the same thing when Odor took too long to throw on that 9th inning grounder. Why wasn't Wade there? Why is Gil starting?

And the $64 million question--WHY IS CHAPMAN PITCHING IN THE NINTH???

Ol' Mushmouth doesn't really have any answers to these questions. He's just a terrible manager. But the Yankees are winning, so Fox and ESPN guys are saying he's in the running for Manager of the Year.

Holy fucking Jesus on a stick.

JM said...

Sorry, meant "Why is Gil not starting?"

But you knew that.

Anonymous said...

Just wait. When/if Kluber returns he'll be replacing Nestor not Heaney in the rotation since both their salaries are higher than Cortes'. Boone will say something like "We're excited about the the versatility Nesty brings to the bullpen." Translation: When (not if) Kluber/Heaney implode in the second inning there's someone available who's already stretched out to mop up.

- Melquíades

Parson Tom said...

The questions raised are too legit to argue against.

It's probably the Yankee organization, not just Boone, that decides what slot each pitcher and each hitter gets. So, we have Clay Holmes, after 9 pitches in a 1-2-3 6th, getting pulled for pinch hitter Davis. The guy -- Holmes -- is unhittable but we have to replace him with a pinch hitter who can't hit .... just because that's the plan.

Boone/Cashman refuse to play a hot hand, whether hitter or pitcher. They think Chapman has some sort of special closer DNA, and they can't imagine anybody else on the staff could possible get three outs with a two-run lead.

It's clear to us here that Chapman ain't what he used to be and his role needs to change. At the same time, we have several pitchers nobody can touch -- Loaisiga, Gil, Holmes and sometimes Green and perhaps Peralta. Maybe Severino comes back throwing lightning bolts again? But I'm not going to bank on that. Even Nasty Nestor, love this crafty little guy, seems to have more of a stomach for pressure than Chapman, who really looked like he was freaking out last night. Never in 60 years of watching sports, saw anybody sweat that much and definitely never saw a pitcher apply rosin to the brim of his cap to stem the flow. He was clearly uncomfortable. Maybe he'd be happier working earlier innings?

HoraceClarke67 said...

Ghost of Hoss here.

Great stuff, Duque, and loved the "Julius Caesar" reference! And great stuff everyone else!

I think that between us, we constitute a greater brainstrust (yes, the original of that word was with "brains" plural) than currently employed by your New York Yankees.

I have a soft spot in my heart for Ma Boone, who I suspect is a good clubhouse manager—especially when things are going well—but who is just following the company line or is an idiot all on his own. AND he's beginning to get testy with the press, usually a sign that a Yankees manager is about to crack...

HoraceClarke67 said...


...But all that said, I think we've got the solution.

The closer should be Cortes the Conqueror, Green, Severino, Wandy, Gil, etc.? Yes, please. All of the above.

Time to finally go with what many good baseball minds have urged for a long time, and discard the set closer model for the best guy in the situation. And that may include putting your hottest hand in come the 7th inning, depending on who is batting.

Of course, such maneuvering would work best with a truly astute field manager, and as I've just mentioned that, we haven't got...

ZacharyA said...

Greg Allen has hit .436/.511/.744 (1.255 OPS) in 46 PA since being sent back to AAA.

That's not a typo.

I'm not a huge Allen believer given his career numbers, but if we're using JONATHAN DAVIS as a pinch hitter, maybe we need to rethink our roster construction a bit.

HoraceClarke67 said...


...But...Ma showed at least some signs of reality by removing Chappie before it was too late last night. Maybe he's wising up.

And certainly, something is wrong with our erstwhile closer—who was a pretty terrible, big-game closer even when he was younger and faster.

No human being in the history of humanity sweats like he did last night, unless he's seriously ill, on some sort of bizarre medication (juice), or having an emotional breakdown.

If the Yankees insist on still pitching him, he should never see any work beyond a middle inning, preferably in a game where we're already behind. If he can handle that, we can talk. Otherwise, the DL is there for a reason.

TheWinWarblist said...

Didn't Flopsweat destroy two seasons by giving up October walkoffs? Seasons where he had pitched well? Why is he still a Yankee?

TheWinWarblist said...

I love the idea of Flopsweat working the middle innings. In Scranton Wilkes-Barre.

Anonymous said...

Gotta agree with everything Zach A wrote.

1) Glad he mentioned Rizzo. He seems to be getting a pass because of his hot start. Perhaps he's putting too much pressure on himself to "Prove" he should be the 1st baseman. I like the guy.

2) I think Urshala is supposed to come back in Oakland. If so, and if healthy that will take care of the 3B problem. No more Odor there.
DJ can go back to being the number 2 3B as well.

3) I like Duque's formula for taking Chapman out. Mostly because they all end with "take him out"

Doug K.

JimmyEatsHotDogs said...

Chapman in the 9th is what I would describe as torture baseball for Yankee fans!

ranger_lp said...

Hey...Hey...everyone brings up why Chapman is still with the team? It's posted almost daily on somebody's thread.

Google it. Chapman has a no-trade clause. He has an extension through 2022. He's NOT going anywhere. Don't waste your fingers typing anything associated with trades. Can't be traded unless he waives his clause. Trading deadline is long gone. He's with the team the duration this year. We collectively have to deal with that.

He's a shell of his former self right now. I don't know what they do outside of putting Rolaids in situations to succeed. Obviously he's not presently. And being a veteran, he can't be sent to the minors unless he AGREES to that also.

So the only thing they can do is...put him on EL if there's an injury (fake or real), keep putting him in late innings and pass out tranquilizers to everyone or put him in earlier to get out of the funk.

Anonymous said...

Just checking in from Hotlanta. Great game last night. Every pitch in the ninth counted. Big crowd and at least 1/3 Yankee fans.
Great throws by the squid to nail two base runners.
Chapman not as bad as it looked. A regular third baseman makes the throw to end the ninth. Plus, Abies K'ed. That ball wasn't ticked.
Really nice park and venue nearby.
Heartily reciprocate recommend a ball game here.
Will definitely come
Back in 3 years.
TheSouthern Archangel

Parson Tom said...

Chapman may have a no-trade, but even if he didn't, he would be difficult to move as an overpaid, ineffective relief pitcher. This is the Yankee way. What the Yankees are good at is making overpaid or ineffective players miserable so that they are willing to go away, either with a pay-off or a trade to an otherwise undesirable team. Start calling for Chapman in the 4th inning, and I'm guessing he will be less than happy.

Anonymous said...


Glad you had a good time. We were worried that the strain of watching Chapman live would be too much.

Doug K.

Anonymous said...

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Kevin said...

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