Sunday, August 22, 2021

Nine in a row, nine observations


1. For all the joy it's brought us, the nine-game winning streak has only gained two games on Tampa. 

2. We're four behind in the loss column, and we host them for the final three games of the season. 

3. Rougned Odor's time-out HR could become his signature moment as a Yankee, in the way that his haymaker to Jose Bautista is for his time with Texas.

4. Odor - with some big hits and clear support of his teammates - could become a "Beloved Yankee." On the Five Calamity Ex-Yankees Scale, there are 1. Disasters (ie Ellsbury, Pavano), 2. Mistakes (ie Jesus Montero, Ed Yarnell) 3. Future Old-Timers (ie Cessa, Denny Neagle), 4. Beloved  (ie Luis Sojo, Brosius) and 5. Greats (ie Andy, Reggie, Thurman.)

5. Odor is a much better player while clean-shaven. The beard, coupled with his bald head and oversized headband, made him look like a bad Disney genie.

6. Gerrit Cole is on the short list to win the 2021 Cy Young. He is now second in ERA, first in wins, and first in strikeouts. His main competition is Robbie Ray of Toronto and Chris Bassalt of Oakland. Right now, I think he beats both.

7. Where is Stephen Ridings? We haven't seen him since Chicago. All he's done is give up one run in five outings (ERA: 1.80.) 

8. Luke Voit's "Stone Cold" celebratory mashing of water bottles was hilarious, and - I suppose - that's just Luke being Luke. But I worry that he's becoming another Swish, and - for all the fun and hilarity of Jolly Old Saint Nick - we know how that turned out: Losing a catchable liner in the lights, and watching a post-season fly out the window.

9. The Yankees are leaving the door slightly open for Luis Severino to return. It's a longshot, but why not try? He might only be able to throw short stretches out of the bullpen. Wouldn't it be wild if he became the closer? 


ranger_lp said...

Where is Ridings so you ask?

08/17/21 RHP Nick Goody assigned to New York Yankees.
08/17/21 RHP Stephen Ridings returned to Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders from New York Yankees.

Joe Formerlyof Brooklyn said...

Some teams go to a "closer by committee."

NYYs might end up going to a "closer by most time-distant recent disaster."

This fits the managerial brilliance exhibited when the team (frequently) rests the hitter with a hot hand, doesn't it? It's just the reverse.

JM said...

We had a lock on ten in a row and Henri blew it.

And why is it Henri? They could've gone with Hank, even if Henry had already been used.

Hurricane Hank would have been a good name. For a hurricane or a rockabilly singer. Take your pick.

Anonymous said...

A few observations of my own...

But first, Hurricane Hank! Totally great name for the above.

It could also be used as a nickname for a Henry who strikes out too much. Hurricane Hank. The Big Wind.

It also made me think of the Hurricane Hankie, a brand of durable oversized tissues for allergy season.

The commercial has people sneezing big, right through their regular ply tissues inundating their hands, and perhaps the people around them with mucus. Job interviews blown, relationships leveled...

Using Hurricane Hankie, with it's Category Four Ply design prevents this type of disaster and saves the day.

From the maker of Tornado TP.

(Don't make me go there. - By the way that's not me not wanting to write it. That's their slogan.)

Where was I... Oh right, observations.

1,2 Tampa

Yes we only picked up two games but, we actually picked up games! Apparently, we are withing striking distance for the division. Imagine if we played .500 ball. We'd be eight back in the loss column and it would be all over.

Of course, we won't catch them because that would make us happy. But now having our hopes crushed sometime in the future say, with an El Chapo meltdown during the final game of the season with the division on the line is a possibility. So there's that.

3) Odor

He did look like a Disney genie! All he needed was the hoop earring.

I'm not sure he's "beloved" by me. Still kind of a novelty act like the guy with the parrot. Fun to watch but it seems too soon to put him with Luis Sojo or Scott Brosius. It's a great category though.

Just to clear it up... Beloved is a step below Great? So Bobby Murcer is Beloved for sure but he was also great so he doesn't qualify. (for Beloved) Roy White? But he's more of a True Yankee. Like Gardy.

So relatively short term? I'm not being snarky. I really like it and am just working through who else fits that moniker. El Duque? (Not you) the actual player. Not around that long. Great but not an all time great but clearly beloved.

4 and Last) Severino

Read today that, "he has pitched 20.1 innings since October 2018". Wow! I didn't realize it was that bad. Greg Bird bad. I guess at this point even facing one batter would be nice. But if this doesn't turn around he's going to have to go into the "Disasters" Category.

"Hurricane Hankees. Get your Hurricane Hankees He-er!" (Yes it's the NY Yankee Branded Hurricane Hankie sold exclusively at the ballpark and on the internet and at Dicks and other fine sporting goods stores.)

I'll stop now.

Doug K.

Local Bargain Jerk said...

This "Ex-Yankees Scale" is interesting:

     1. Disasters (ie Ellsbury, Pavano)
     2. Mistakes (ie Jesus Montero, Ed Yarnell)
     3. Future Old-Timers (ie Cessa, Denny Neagle)
     4. Beloved (ie Luis Sojo, Brosius)
     5. Greats (ie Andy, Reggie, Thurman.)

How would this yardstick be used to measure Alex Rodriguez?

ranger_lp said...


6. None of the Above.

Pocono Steve said...

Don't look now, but during the upcoming stretch run--with the rescheduled awn-REE game on the 13th--the Yankees don't have a single day off from September 3rd through the 23rd. Holy crap.

Anonymous said...

7. True Yankees (no to Reggie). Mick, Lou, Babe, the list goes on and on

DickAllen said...

It might very well come down to the last week of the season - the Tampons have three games in Houston and the final three games in New York.

The only question is whether the Yankees can sustain this level of success before we get to that last week. Call me skeptical.

el duque said...

I'd label A-Rod a "Mistake."

Rufus T. Firefly said...

Without 2009, A-rod is a disaster. Even with 2009, he's close.

The rogue genie is a 3 until he does something incredibly stupid. Which he is capable of. Hopefully it won't cost the Yankees a game.

Rufus T. Firefly said...

Interesting fact:

Velazquez is almost 2-1/2 years older than the Gleyber.

Anonymous said...

Ridings is in Scranton.

Anonymous said...

1st contract was a good attempt. Resigning him was the

Doug K.

Kevin said...

I recall that Duque wasn't exactly "beloved", but it's been awhile, and I don't live in NY.

Bassalt sadly took a liner to his face and will miss the remainder of the season.
How about some love for Matsui. A classy warrior who left it all on the field.

Anonymous said...


I've got Matsui as a "Yankee Great". My Favorite Yankee from that era by far.

Doug K.

Kevin said...

Doug, totally agree. Breaks my heart that he didn't start and end his career with us.