Tuesday, August 31, 2021

In With The Old Out With The New

 I gotta admit, I saw this coming.

And I am not the only one.  Most of you did as well.

The sudden excitement, the "back-to-the-wall" mentality and grit are gone.

For a while....a hugely ( and surprisingly ) successful effort was put together by a bunch of no names.  Our AAA and AAAA guys were shining in the big leagues. 

We saw Gil and Ridings.  Velazquez and Wade.  Allen and Florial.  Even Abreu looked good. And Johnny " no hit" Davis made catches no one else makes. 

We saw speed and daring.  We saw brilliance..

Their energy and productivity affected everyone.  Fans were thrilled.   Sluggers began to hit against the shift.  Rizzo and Judge stole bases. Sanchez hit with runners in scoring position. 

And then, " THEY" started coming back.   

The BIG STARS.  The guys who are paid fortunes and have endless contracts in the eight figure range.  All the Yankees from that miserable start.

The last nail in this hard oak meat wagon will soon be back at short stop. 

Suddenly,, and inevitably,   everyone is wearing heavy boots.  Games are 4  hours and laden with strikeouts.  Balls became just out of reach, and land as double, not outs. 

Boone has started to look dumb again.  Inexplicable decisions abound. 

And we are eating the same old boring shit.

Why is it that only we noticed what winning baseball looked like?

What baseball looked like.


ZacharyA said...

>The guys who are paid fortunes and have endless contracts in the eight figure range.

The only two people who fit that description are Gerrit Cole and Giancarlo Stanton who have both been brilliant this month.

Cole 3-0, 4 BB/24 K, 0.51 ERA
Stanton .326/.407/.653 in 108 PA

Anonymous said...

"...both been brilliant this month." No doubt true, but unfortunately "endless contracts" last for MANY months, not just those cherry picked to justify their wisdom.

ZacharyA said...

Never said they are good contracts, just that those two shouldn't get blamed for the current slide.

artificial lemon flavoring said...

where's TODD! - when you need him?

JM said...

Alphonso speaks for all of us. Welcome to 2017.

Anonymous said...


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Doug K.

Joe Formerlyof Brooklyn said...

I believe this is called "reversion to the mean."

It is yet one more facet of Suckitude.

A good team would overcome it . . .

HoraceClarke67 said...

To me, the real problem is not so much this or that individual, but the decision to keep pretending the hot hand does not exist—as others have pointed out.

Is Rizzo a better all-around first baseman than Voit? No question! Is he a better first baseman after his idiotic decision not to get vaxxed, and to rush back in a weakened condition? No.

Is it worthwhile to see what Kluber has? Absolutely. Is it worthwhile to see what he has until a five-run inning is in the making? Uh, no.

Should Gio be the regular third baseman until further notice? Of course! Should he be the regular third baseman when he can't hit or field balls cleanly? You be the judge!

I know the supposed rule: guys shouldn't lose their jobs when they get hurt. In the age of guaranteed, six- and seven-figure salaries, that's sillier than ever. If they can't produce, they should sit, or work off the rust somewhere else.