Friday, August 13, 2021

Mr. Glass-Half-Full (of Old Overholt)

Maybe I'm crazy. Maybe I'm just a Libra, obsessed with balance. Maybe, baby, I'll have you for me. But while Joebuckco's WS comment is hysterically funny, the essence of it isn't. The injuries--more specifically, the Covid problem--have taken an awful lot out of this team. No Covid, no Heaney. Instead, Monty and Cole. No Heaney, we probably win last night. It's not like the White Sox's great Lance Lynn was any good, nor was their bullpen overall. And that's still without Sanchez and Rizzo in the lineup. And Torres and Gio, for non-Covid reasons.

Hats off to Tyler Wade, the oft bag a la punching, for showing what he can do offensively. Talk about stepping up. Even Gardner has come through more than we could ever expect. Last night, Judge was the Judge of our dreams, and Stanton actually hit a home run that mattered.

Our biggest issue is the loss of three starters and the way that's fucked up the bullpen. Britton shouldn't be closing. He still hasn't come all the way back from his injury, and he may never fully do so. Chapman, for all his horror show performances, could have come in handy. Maybe he would have failed like Britton, but maybe not. We'll never know. The Torre-like knee-jerk use of Britton in the ninth was stupid. Try Green (who may be way overworked), or Lasagna (ditto), or even Ridings (definitely not). But we're saddled with Boone and these things will happen.

The White Sox are widely considered the best team in the AL, and even with Heaney giving up seven runs (holy fuck, Booney!), we played them to a standstill. And that's with all the IL action. The last time we faced Tampa, we won two out of three. Three of four against Seattle, a W-L "peer" of sorts. Those teams aren't tomato cans.

Like Peter Cook and Dudley Moore's one-legged man auditioning for Tarzan, we're hanging in against very long odds. You want to start chiseling our gravestone, fine. Go ahead. I'm just a cockeyed optimist, playing wait and see.


13bit said...
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13bit said...

Love the Buddy reference.

Covid is doing for the Yankees what they cannot do for themselves - expose the weak foundations.

It's hot out. I'm tired. My balls ache.

We can't focus on each game. Look at the big picture. Look at the dross in this roster.

We are not ruthless nation builders. We are morons with a tiny hammer.

Cashman is an ass.

I have watched the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked

Fuck you, Hal.

HoraceClarke66 said...

Great points, JM.

But still...I can't believe in this team. I did for a minute, when Rizzo seemed to inject a little spirit into them—but then he proved to be the most irresponsible of all.

It's true that, as far as talent goes, there is little difference between this Yankees team and the rest of the league—or the rest of the majors. The perfect parody, excuse me, parity that MLB has sought for so long seems to be here.

But that said, I just don't see these guys as having the cojones to make a run—or, in the end, even quite make the playoffs. Pity. It's a weak year.

JimmyEatsHotDogs said...

On a hot August night the Kool-Aid always tastes better! True between the COVID debacle and injuries this team will have difficulty keeping up but hope spring eternal and as Yankee fan this team fighting for a wild card spot seems underwhelming for all the supposed talent on this team. Sad!

Celerino Sanchez said...

David Huff is available, what a godsend!!!

ranger_lp said...

Minor roster move today...

New York Yankees sent LF Clint Frazier on a rehab assignment to Somerset Patriots.

TheWinWarblist said...

Brava! Brava DickAllen!! Brava bravo!!

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