Thursday, November 5, 2009

Photos from the IT IS HIGH victory party

Celebrities started arriving early.
Alibi Ike, clowning for the camera.
The Phillies wives came incognito.
As usual, it didn't take much urging to
get Mons Meg to sing.
Once Mrs. Utley had a few, the pillow fight started.
Once Alphonso and SuperFrankenstein arrived,
everything got out of hand.

Tough morning.


Whitey Fraud said...

I took the photos. Apparently.

el duque said...

No, I took the photos. You were hitting on Pedro's dwarf. Don't you remember?

Lisa said...

This is the best you guys've got?

The Yankees won the World Series for Chrissake!

Step it up!

Anonymous said...


Bostowned said...

Come on! I expected better!

Alibi Ike said...

That's not me. I gave up fruit years ago.

Whitey Fraud said...

Leave Dongue alone. He's got to heal with that Honduras thing now that the season is over.

Plus, he's posting on short rest.

And I don't do dwarves, dumbass.

I was with my Swishalicious companeras.

el duque said...

Truth be told, I drank hard last night. Any Yankee blogger that didn't should be ashamed.

BuckFoston said...

I had to work the next day sadly.