Friday, October 29, 2010

Giants Crush Yankees Late 9-0 Lead by Two Games

For the first 6 innings, the Yankee's Andy Pettitte gave the Yankees what he has always given in the big games, phenomenal pitching.

"I'll always take 6 innings and one run ( 3 hits ) in game 2 of the World Series from Andy," said manager Joe Girardi.

"Ninety-nine times out of a hundred, with our bullpen, we win that one," he continued.

Unfortunately for Yankee fans, last night was one of the exceptions. Matt Cain was better longer and, in the end, the vaunted Yankee bullpen showed a major leak.

Kerry Wood was great but Manager Girardi raised a few eyebrows when he went to Boone Logan with two men out in the bottom of the 8th, after Buster Posey delivered a broken bat, soft single to center.

Boone threw 11 straight balls, before being squeezed by the home plate umpire on a 3-1 count to Uribe and the walks continued. Dave Robertson continued the folly, walking in two more runs before SF started swinging the bat. Then, it got worse. Much worse.

The Fox cameras focused on Brian Cashman's sunken face as he watched this debacle from the first base side of the ballpark. Brian had to be imagining what George would say.

The Yankees again could not get big hits when they mattered. And the biggest bats, Grandy, Robbie, A-Rod and Jorge were a combined 3-16 with no extras base hits.

When Tex went down with a hammy against the Rangers, we lost even more than we feared as there was nothing on offense from Lance and our defense was shaky.

As the lights were shut down, the Giants had 9 and the Yankees showed no runs for nine innings of work. This shutout was only the 6th all year against this top-rated Yankee offense.

Now it is back to NY for a must win game three on Saturday. Phil Hughes will pitch the biggest game of his young career.

We are going to see the character and heart of this team, for sure.


el duque said...

I like our chances at home. And we haven't wasted Mo.

Mike Hunt said...

"Matt Cain was better longer......"
good thing he wasn't playing in his thong

Mustang said...

As long as we're pretending, why can't we be the Giants?

Joe De Pastry said...

We've sucked since August 1.
Why should that change now?
Only reason we got this far was the case of salmonella poisoning that wiped out the Rangers' regular roster and forced them to play their AAA club in the ALCS.
Our best hope is that Sanchez walks in 4 or 5 runs in the first before Bochy gets a reliever warmed up.

Alph Who Has Failed As A Teacher said...


How long have you known me? Known baseball?

When we do this we always, note emphasis on the word always, take the role of the team who beat us. Otherwise, we become national league people.

National league?

Come on, SUPERF, get real.

That isn't baseball. They don't even have DH's, and we have about 8 on the Yankees every year.

Why don't you ask El Duque if we can be the Giants?

Are you nuts?

Sorry you cancelled your party. I stayed upstate 4 extra days so I could attend.