Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hitler's Propaganda Machine Stirs Up Yankee Hatred

He's still pissed that Texas didn't end it in 5.
of course we jest about Mr. Araton's affiliation with the above.

Lyn Lary points to Harvey Araton's article in the NY Times as a case of anti-Yankee propaganda.
Araton's words:
Another cliché, one game at a time, but he had already acknowledged that momentum can shift in a playoff series like the weather. In fact, who is the upstart now as this one returns to Texas — the team with the $206 million payroll or the one that was in bankruptcy as recently as August?
Yet, as Lary points out:
Wow, that would really be a valid comparison.  Except that the Texas “bankruptcy” was much more a technical one, having to do with the resources of the outgoing owner, and did not entail the team having to give up a single player or make a single economy.
A more relevant question would be what their actual payroll is.  But don’t expect that from Harvey.  That would mean comparing two identical facts. In fact, who is the upstart now, the team that plays in the poorest urban county in the nation, or the one that has its home park in the booming Lone Star state? In fact, who is the upstart now, the team that’s been getting its head bashed in in all phases of the game, or the one that has a 3-2 series lead and can pitch the hottest pitcher in baseball in Game 7?

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