Thursday, April 3, 2008


A Seattle radio interviewer yesterday asked former Yankee Miguel Cairo what he'd eat for dinner if he could have anything -- great question -- and his enthusiastic answer is our headline. As I understand it, by 'turkey' Miggy meant the poultry, not the country, and by 'country' he meant America, not Turkey.

UPDATE!! Audio here (thanks, Buhner's Ghost)!!! The turkey part's about three-quarters of the way in. What Miggy really said:

I love turkey. It's something, this is -- I LOVE turkey. What a country. I will say, what a country. I love Thanksgiving. I love country. I love turkey. I love turkey. I like to eat turkey.
Okay, so I get things wrong. Like you never do.

FACT! In games Miggy played, the Bombers were 158-99 (.615)!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, but were his Yankee teams still playing when Thanksgiving rolled around?

Buhner's Ghost said...

I love Cairo! What a city! I love Cairo in the springtime! I love Cairo in the fall, when it's Thanksgiving, and we get more turkey!

Buhner's Ghost said...

News flash: Cairo traded to Blue Jays, sent to Syracuse, and inks 5-year endorsement deal with Plainville Farms.

Wailin' Suzyn said...

So...the guy likes turkey. I love turkey, too. Got a problem wid dat?


Mustang said...

I love turkey.

Unknown said...

i just imagine hes talking about Wild Turkey one of the worst shots you can take

Anonymous said...

Prince F:

1. Have you ever purchased a turkey?
2. Have you ever plucked feathers off a turkey?
3. Have you ever played with that bag of internal organs you get with a fresh turkey?
4. Have you ever cooked a turkey?

If any of your answers to 1-4 above are in the negative, then it can't be said that you love Turkey.

You may only like turkey.