Friday, January 29, 2010


News from around the Yankees' home borough...

• Starving Bronxites forced to sell their guns:
This weekend the NYPD had one of its gun buyback programs in The Bronx, in which they gave $200 cash cards to anyone turning in a firearm, no questions asked. In 2008 Brooklyn took in nearly 700 guns in one day and that was considered a big success. This weekend's Bronx event, held at four local churches, took in 1,186 firearms -- a new city record. 
• Bronx youth takin' it to the 'burbs:
MONTROSE - A Bronx man and woman were arrested with $10,000 in heroin Tuesday night and accused of drug dealing around Coachlight Square, Westchester County police said.

• The Archbishop of Canterbury is all like, I gotta see this Bronx shit with my own eyes:
People lined up along the fence outside St. Ann's Episcopal Church in the Mott Haven section of the South Bronx Jan. 27 waiting for their turn to get inside -- not to get a glimpse of Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, who was incidentally visiting, but to shop the parish's weekly Wednesday morning food pantry.

Williams arrived and left with little fanfare. More food pantry clients lined up along the fence outside, paying little notice. 
UPDATE: Check the comments for a link to an important developing story about skunks!


dadlak said...

Superfrank, with stuff like this you are taking the early lead for IIH Blogger of the Decade (2010 - 2019)

Alphonso said...

Dear God,

Why is it that all the guns are always in the churches?

Anonymous said...

Here's another Bronx blurb: