Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cubs fill their DH needs with Nady, and another X goes off the board in the Johnny Damon tic-tac-toe match

There was talk that we would sign Xavier Nady instead of Johnny.
No more of that.
The Cubs signed Nady this afternoon.
This seems to be boiling down to a decision between Johnny Damon and Reed Johnson.
Yeeesh. I would hate to be Reed Johnson, if the Yankees actually try to peddle him as Damon's replacement. We might as well bring back Rondell White.


dadlak said...

Chin up...Johnson is a far superior defensive outfielder, though he is clearly a step or two below Damon offensively...a free swinger without much power. He can play all three OF positions.

dadlak said...

And as for Rondell White, he got as many votes as Gary Sheffield (a possible Hall of Famer) for Yankee Outfielder of the Decade.

Joe DePastry said...

Granderson is Damon's replacement in LF.
Gardner moves up to Melky's spot as #1 centerfielder.
Hoffman replaces Gardner as back-up.
All they need is a replacement for Hinske.
Doesn't seem as bad when you look at it that way.

el duque said...

That'd be fine if the Redsocks hadn't added John Lackey, Mike Cameron, Marco Scutero and Adrian Beltre... without replacing anybody.

Joe De Pastry said...

Other than Lackey, which of those 4 Red Sox would you really want? And they did have to replace Bay.
If Vazquez wins as many games as Lackey, Cashman will look like a genius.