Saturday, January 16, 2010

Attacks On Yankees Start Already

It's not news that Yankee fans are routinely attacked, ridiculed, assaulted and even killed for the faith. But the terms of the war are taking a disturbing new turn, as the Yankees' enemies -- New Englanders, the mainstream media and other self-identified Secular Progressives -- increasingly violate the winter cease-fire that traditionally ran from Christmas Eve to Valentine's Day. Last Tuesday, the Yankee-hating New York Daily News showed midseason form, landing this crushing sucker punch on the reeling World Champions:
ALBANY - The head of the state ethics board has ties to the Yankees - even as his agency has been asked to probe whether Gov. Paterson accepted an illegal gift from the team, the Daily News has learned.

Michael Cherkasky, who chairs the Public Integrity Commission, is also CEO of Altegrity, which does background searches.

Altegrity, according to its Web site, is owned by Providence Equities, a private investment firm that lists the Yankees Entertainment and Sports Network among its investments.


After it was revealed in early November that a Paterson aide had solicited and received World Series tickets from the Yankees for the governor, NYPIRG requested the commission investigate.

Paterson, who received five prime field-level tickets for Game1 - worth $425 each - took his son, his son's friend and two aides.
The shocking crimes under the whistleblowers' magnifying glass?
  • The Governor showed up to root for his team when it counted most. 
  • The Chairman works with a gang of culprits who invested Yankee money for dividends that could someday bring Roy Halladay to the Bronx. (UPDATE: no he doesn't; I read it wrong. The Chairman's real sin is working for bastards who invest in the Yankees--an act of faith which, if memory serves, used to be legal.)
Would that we had more such villainy in Albany.

And would that the Yankees recognize the obsolescence of the quaint winter ceasefire, and start shooting back.

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This is an outrage.