Saturday, November 26, 2011

Yankeetorial: If Eric Chavez returns, a big trade becomes likely

It's well known that a butterfly flapping his wings in Northern China can set into motion an earthquake on the other side of the planet.

Recently, the Yankees received a flap of good butterfly news: Eric "China Doll" Chavez enjoyed his 2011 Yankee romance so much that he's decided to return to the prom next year. When not in a cast, Chavez can play 3B and hit. Hell, we can always use one of them.

But here's the wind funnel: If Eric returns, we almost have to trade Eduardo Nunez or Brandon Laird. 

Nunez had a great 2012. A sullen and irresponsible part of me still believes we would have beaten the Tigers with Nuni at 3B, instead of Aurelio Rodriguez (formerly Mr. Cameron Diaz.) Trouble is, Nuni can't field middle infield any better than Roseanne Barr, which means no defensive breathers for Jeet, which is why they had him playing OF last September.

And then comes Laird. He won the Minor League Gold Glove this year at 3B, and based on September, it wasn't a fluke. He is surely the best fielding 3B in our system. He hits for power, which makes him the second coming of Mike Lowell - (whom we pissed away for a pile of Ed Yarnells.) It won't do Laird any good to play 2012 on the Traveling Wilkes Barres. The dairy princesses of Batavia will eat him alive.

So... what do we do? Trade somebody, of course.

My guess: Neither Nuni nor Laird will bring us much on their own, so Cashman has to include them in a package of players. The bigger his target, the larger the package.

It's amazing, but if Butterfly Chavez comes back, he could set into motion a blockbuster trade. 

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