Monday, December 31, 2012

A toast to you in 2013

Dearest friends, commenters and autobot spammers,
May 2013 bring you peace, prosperity,
happiness, love, and all the joys of life,
including but not limited to
a power hitting RH outfielder,
a dependable fifth starter,
a solid defensive catcher,
and temporary amnesia when our thirdbasemen come to bat,
(regardless of who it is),
and may you never have to cringe
because a certain player - or group of them -
comes to bat with runners in scoring position,
and develops a lump in his throat the size of Jessica Simpson's left boob,
and may the owners of your team
somehow cut their expenditures,
so their children no longer go shoeless and hungry;
may our Captain heal
and our Closer stay forever young,
may A-Rod find true love
and Grandyman find a pair of glasses;
may we never have to boo again,
unless it's Pedroia.

Happy New Year from IIH, IIF, IIc.

1 comment:

Andruw Jones said...

And may Brian Cashman find true love . . . .