Thursday, December 20, 2012


(SPECIAL TO PAGE SIX) Forget the nuclear winter. It's the atomic hot stove league! Yankee hero Alex Rodriguez showed off a lesion-free complexion Friday, rising from his concrete bunker with his lady fave, ex-pro wrestling diva Torrie Wilson. Breathing bottled oxygen, the postcard-perfect pair autographed coffins and posed with fans for photographs and Geiger counter readings. "The hip feels great," A-Rod assured reporters. "I'll be back by September 15!" A-Rod said he'll miss the Yankee-Red Sox rivalry, now that Boston no longer exists, but the Blue Jays - with 15 confirmed survivors - look like a contender. The super-slugger nixed any notion that the world is ending: He has five years left on his Yankees contract. Plus, he's got another Torrie in his life. Clad in a lead-lined halter that revealed her own ample "fallout," the pinstriped princess glowed, not only with love - but radiation. Hey, she's survived an A-bomb... with A-Rod!

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John M said...

Ichiro, finally. Two years. Shoulda been for 5, lock the guy up until he's 77 or so.

Hey, Barfield can still hit. Anyone know where he is these days?