666? A-Rod is - well - STILL within two home runs of SATAN.

Thursday, December 20, 2012


(SPECIAL TO PAGE SIX) Take a gander at these globes, God, because You won't be seeing them again! Smoldering Barbadian super-seductress Rihanna Friday offered Meteor #3112-B a healthy glimpse of the perfectly rounded size #32-B cup breasts that it will soon pulverize. In a plunging gown, barely held up by her own "asteroid belt," the SOS-rapping spitfire stopped traffic - and a food riot - during a ladylike stroll through soon-to-be-scorched Manhattan. Later, she flashed to the world, via Instagram, what could be its final shot of her baby-naked toosh. That's one high-impact beauty who see her future in the stars. Who knows? After examining Rihanna's cleavage, maybe the hammer of God will burn up with desire before it annihilates life on Earth. We sure would!

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