Saturday, May 2, 2015

"You can't see him right now, but he's very, very emotional..." Boston dies, Suzyn sighs, A-Rod cries

After A-Rod's bland, dismal post-game interview with the franchise flunkies from YES, he spots Suzyn, waiting her turn, and they embrace.

She doesn't hide her emotions. She asks a routine question about the pinch hit home run, and he gives a routine answer about the game, his teammates, and Joe Girardi's wisdom.

Then Suzyn asks about what is going on in the mind and heart of Alex Rodriguez... and he loses it.


joe de pastry said...

Walking a mile is probably easier if you've taken PEDs. Nevertheless, they should pay him the six million.

Leinstery said...

It's nice that Suzyn was there to pick him up when he cried. Poor Suz took a beating for doing that and now she is the the watchful protector of the criers.