Sunday, May 3, 2015

Things People Are Saying Now That They Won't Be Saying In September

"These guys just keep finding a way to win."

"CC is looking like his old self again."

"Guess the Mets were really wrong about Young."

"Drew isn't washed up yet!"

"I don't care if Tex hits .150 with all those home runs."

"This is a lot closer to the McCann we expected when we signed him."

"Tenaka will only be out a few weeks."

"Ellsbury looks healthy."

"Looks like Cashman knew what he was doing."


Anonymous said...

You know I wasn't so optomistic coming into the season BUT I wasn't also this is going to be terrible. The rest of the division is in about the same shape and has been since the year ended. Yes Boston spent a lot but c'mon the pitching has always been a problem and they didn't get that much better than the Yanks pitching wise.
Its a crap shoot
Two years ago Boston signed a bunch of ok players and the pitching peaked and bang World Series. Last year same guys pitchers SUCK bottom of AL East.
Yanks signed a bunch of marginal guys they all got hurt. Pitching sucked only because Giardi is a good coach did they finish ok.
Now Cashman seems to have made some good moves, A-Rod is doing great McCann is driving in runs and the pitching especially the bullpen has been very good (Bullpen GREAT).
Will they keep it up?
I don't know who the !"#¤% does. I'm enjoying a series win in Boston and a team that competes. Why does eveything have to be discussed at nausea. Its sports not life

Local Bargain Jerk said...

Anonymous said:

Why does eveything have to be discussed at nausea. Its sports not life.

If you don't want to discuss it, why did you just spend time sharing your take on it?

I thought John M's list was first rate. I'll leave it at that.

Blind Robin said...

LBJ I think the answer to your question is the fact that this "anonymous" is not the one we have come to know and tolerate.

John M said...

"Girardi is a good coach"..."Cashman seems to have made some good news"...Jesus, this Anon is so much funnier than the old Anon.

Juju, my friends, it's all about the juju. Shhhh.

Leinstery said...

Hey Blind is that Anonymous still around or have I just lost my ability to spot him?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Leinstery: Thank you for your concern. I have returned to Hades to torment souls. Consider it a temporary absence, however. We minions of Satan must take an annual refresher course on the finer points of sadism. I will return to blog with you as soon as possible, you wretched little imbecile.

el duque said...

There are several Anonymi. But the coolest one - a couple years ago, he dazzled this website with literary crapola - emailed me last year to say that he was not the Anonymous who was constantly carping about a few posters. He didn't like what had happened to his name. That's the problem with being Anonymous. You never get full credit.

Blind Robin said...

Leinstery, my memory of “Anonymous” is that of a somewhat pedantic individual. I could not imagine he/she making what appeared to be a ham- handed post. Now, the Beelzebub one, who posted later in the thread seemed to possess the same panache I remember.

Leinstery said...

If that is the true Anonymous then this is pretty much the scene where Batman emerges from hiding to save Gotham in the Dark Knight Rises. Except he's just coming back to be mean... He's the villain we deserve.

el duque, there was a difference between the guy that wrote those essays that hated on everything from the guy that just hated on John M? I thought they were the same guy. What an upset.

And Blind, that's pretty much the Anonymous that I know and internet love too.