Friday, June 19, 2020

So, the owners propose a 60-game season, and the players want a 70-game season. Hmmm. Wait. I've got an idea!

Sixty-five? Jumpin' Jeters! That's it! HOW ABOUT SIXTY-FIVE!

Wait. Am I missing something? These days, is there such a thing as compromise? 

If not, I humbly ask both sides to stop wasting our time, and mercifully call the 2020 season on account of wreak. This is beyond my capability to care. There is pro Cornhole to consider. I'm ready to re-watch Ozark. I can take up whittling. I've got important things to do!

If you follow this blog, you know that in labor disputes, I instinctively back the players, whose careers - whose families - hinge on their performance. If they blow a season, they never get it back. In some cases, they will never even get another chance. The owners, on the other hand, can simply ride out this economic downturn and, if it behooves them, then sell the franchise at an enormous profit, because there are always billionaires out there who want to own the ultimate toy, a baseball team. No matter what happens this year, no owner will ever miss a clambake, or have to put himself into a position of potentially contracting COVID. 

According to today's Rupert, Yankee President Randy Levine - a man once considered for Trump's White House chief of staff (let that sink in) - is belching bile at Scott "Arli$$" Boras, the super agent.

“I happen to like Scott Boras. I’ve done a lot of business with him. He’s very smart,” Levine told The Post. “I haven’t talked to him on this matter, but I’m really disappointed because I’m hearing from everywhere — on both sides of this matter — that he is trying to impede this thing.

Boras denies it. Ho-hum. Who knows? It's a mystery for historians to fathom, like the ever-evolving Dorian Gray painting that is Kellyanne Conway's face. 

I speak for the world in hoping that these two can take their beef to the UFC's  Fight Island, where we would happily pay good money to watch them battle to the death. I'll donate the staple-gun. 

Sixty-five, people. It's not that hard, if you really care. If you don't, that's fine, too. I'll soon be joining you.


Carl J. Weitz said...

Right on , El Duque!

JM said...

60, 70...hell, they usually play 162. Who cares? Just play.

JimmyEatsHotDogs said...

If they can't agree on 65 then call the season and forgetaboutit.... I mean this has been a total "cluster f**k" from the beginning. Bottom line baseball is in serious trouble and sinking fast!. Owners are greedy bastards, player are greedy as well just not bastards and Manfred needs to resign he's a knucklehead and Tony Clark not sure who he is but certainly not effective as Union honcho!

P.S. Never believe anything ... Randy Levine sez!

Alphonso said...

Have you heard the Shakespearean thing;


They can argue and negotiate all day long. There is not going to be baseball.

It might start. But it will quickly stop.

So why bother.

Just write it off and work on a vaccine.

DickAllen said...

And now we can safely say the season is over after it was reported that a fair number of individuals associated with the Phillies have tested positive for the virus and that, ladies and gentlemen, effectively ends the season.


Anonymous said...

Yep, stick a fork in it. If they were to have baseball this year, it would surely be suspended when the numbers go back up across the USA. It doesn't matter what number they accept, they'd probably be lucky to get 25 games at best before baseball is shut down again.

I still don't believe they'll have baseball next year (perhaps maybe a half season?) and certainly not in 2022. They need to spend the next year and a half working on a real contract for 2022 and stop all this silly posturing but we know they won't. I've been saying all along that it's most likely going to be 2.5 years of no baseball.

HoraceClarke66 said...

Hmm, the Phillies you say?

The Yankees strategy now: Be the LAST TEAM to say they want to cancel the season.

By my reckoning, that would make them the legitimate world champions of 2020. BWAHAHA! BWHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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