Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Joe Torre's Diaries to be Auctioned


April 12: Bullpen hurting. Pitched Proctor two innings. Solid.

April 13: Worried about Proctor. Says shoulder hurts. Pitched Proctor one inning. Solid.

April 14: Proctor unable to lift arm. Pitched Proctor two innings. Three runs.

April 15: Proctor unable to stand. Pitched Proctor one inning. Four runs.

April 16: Pitched Farnworth. Four runs. Pitched Vizciano. Three runs. Pitched Proctor. Two runs.

April 17: Gotta rest Farnsworth. Not sure what to do. Pitched Proctor. Two runs.

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Superfrankenstein said...

April 18: Off-day. Sat backstage at Prussian Blue concert.