Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Yanks use surgical game-ending DP to torture Small Market Sox

Hats off to Joe! He orders the Nick Swisher pop-up bunt, then Melky's game-ending DP liner -- keeping Texas in the Wild Card race and Socks newlywed medical marvel John Henry in the Prosac and Cialis cocktails!

Sure, it always hurts to lose, and let's not develop some psyche complex about Pudge Rodriguez, who John considers a great human being. I'm saying we keep Josh Hamilton in strippers and day-drunks until Sept. 31, if that's what it takes to rally the Rangers. But hell, why sweep now?

For the record: This is not expressing fear of Boston. This is playing with cafeteria food. This is walking to your Country Kitchen booth with a huge plate of mashed potatos (Big Papi) and peas (Papelbon) -- small market food -- then sculpting a hockey goal and firing shots into it with your knife. If we've got corn, let's make succotash. Sufferin' succotash.

Don't get swept at home. One more loss? I can take it. Last night's only downside? John would have had a great WinWarble.


Pricilla Pedagogue said...

... April, June And November

Joe said...

almost that magic time again duque! the end of the month tis near!