Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Who Started Last Night? Let Me Deduce.

I've been down in South Mexico trying to sell some property to the poppy growers, so we can raise funds to buy a water cooler for our South Mexican Dirt field League champions to be.

Bern Baby stopped by the Cantina on Monday and, when I last looked, he was still at the bar. The man is now very popular with the ladies and has spent his entire vacation stash on Hera Dura Anejo.

But I digress.

We don't get newspapers down here and we have limited TV coverage, but I did see a scroll last night on the BBC channel how the Yanks had a 4 run lead early, in the opening game of their home stand.

Around noon today, one of the fruit pickers came came in with a radio to his ear and told me that before he passed out, the Rangers ( the only team covered at all down here ) were up 7-4 or 7-5 by the end of the fourth inning.

So, I had some tequila shots and got out my pad and pencil.

Who is it, I asked myself , that gives up tons of runs early, can't hold a lead, goes 0-2 on most batters and ends up walking them, uses 106 pitches by inning 5 at the latest, and should not be a starter?

I bet three bushels of freshly picked corn against a pick-up truck of onions it was JOBA.

Please send a telex if I'm right.

I still don't know if we won or lost. I only care about the onions.

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JohnF said...

I'll give you a hint-
He somehow managed to walk Ivan Rodriguez, a man who had taken a free pass only 15 times all year.