Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Barring an act of God, A-Rod soon will tie Satan - 666 - on the all-time HR list

The neatest part of that long legal battle between Alex Rodriguez and MLB was the group of "protesters" who gathered each day outside the Clown Court, waving home made signs. A few said - wonderfully - "RANDY LEVINE IS THE DEVIL." I shall always cherish that memory.

But soon, A-Rod again will lock horns with Old Scratch. He's at 660 HRs, and sometime before June 13 - no, it's not a Friday - he should replace Bub on the cosmic MLB home run list. That's our next milestone, folks. Maybe Randy Levine should pay him a $6 million bonus? Or at least give him some hair products.

(Thanks to BJP Burnside for the headzup.)


John M said...

Six million payable in sulphur, perhaps.

KD said...

I have often contemplated how fitting and wonderful that number would be for A-Rod's lifetime HR total. But the ways things are going now, I'll only have this to savor for a week or so.

All hail A-Rod!