Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Arguments Begin On Placement of Rich White Dead Owners in Cooperstown HOF Wing

As of this morning,  one of the upper-center, windowless rooms is being considered for Mr. Steinbrenner.

That is El Duque at far right, working his way " up" toward the trophy space.

He can be air lifted out, if he fails to find an outlet.

He has pepper sticks to eat, along with diet Pepsi.

However, there are no bathrooms.

Supposedly, the bronze heads and memorabilia don't require them.  I guess he might use the Pepsi can if things become stressful.

I have sent my photo of George punching out that Dodgers fan  ( never confirmed ) in the elevator to add to the collection.

And Bobby Meecham will make the induction speech, if there is one.


Leinstery said...


Why? So he can give you 3 innings against the Sox again?

Joe F said...

What the fuck Yanks is Hal/Cash insane look we all love CC but we could all see tubby was fuckin done... Giving flop sweat a run for his money dRipping sweat after a crisp 3 inning 5run outing.

God I swear the 2019 motto is "if it didnt work the first time, do it again"

HoraceClarke66 said...

So those Yanks already in the Executive Wing of the Hall—which, yes, I would gladly dynamite—include Ruppert, both MacPhails, Ed Barrow, and George Weiss. All justifiable, even considering how much Weiss' racism cost us.

But...where are Topping and Webb? The team that brought us 15 pennants and 10 World Series championships in just 20 seasons, the greatest record of any ownership team in the sport's history?

I suspect the problem is partly that they did very little of the hands-on running of the team—and especially that Webb worked with many unsavory characters out in Vegas. He was the developer who built The Flamingo for Bugsy Siegel, among other things.

But not to worry: he's already in the "Gaming Hall of Fame." True story!

ranger_lp said...

Well, maybe Cash is going to have bullpen games except for Tanaka and Sevy. Only reason to sign CC.

Anonymous said...