Tuesday, September 21, 2010

10 highlights of Bud Selig appearance last night on YES

It was like listening to one of those animated dead presidents at Disneyland. Last night, Bud Selig came into the YES booth to field pop-ups from Michael Kay. Highlights:

1. Whenever Bud sees himself in a TV monitor, he resets his combover.

2. George always called him "Buddy."

3. Bud is often honored by the grateful people of Milwaukee.

4. Baseball has never been more popular.

5. Once, George accused Buddy of not being the nice guy that everybody loves.

6. George was joking, of course.

7. During the heat of game action, Bud says "things" that aren't nice.

8. Bud constantly talks with players, fans and coaches about how to make baseball better.

9. It's hard to make baseball better; it's never been more popular.

10. At times, George could be one shitwad of a fucking bastard. (Not exact words.) 

1 comment:

David Ballela said...

#11. Bud was able to pay for his hair weave with the money he made betting with George.