Sunday, September 26, 2010

Don't Ask, Don't Tell....

But for God's sake enough with the Sox ass kissing and Yankee hating from Fox Broadcasting crews. On the left some examples of the pablum from Saturday's game.

Below, an excerpt from a true story by my friend Joe
Last week, I ran into McCarver standing at the JetBlue check-in counter, by the gate, on my flight to NY City. He was doggedly trying to get something done with the JetBlue attendant (he was there a good 20 minutes). It was probably a seat upgrade, since he was finally seated in the first row on the aisle. I guess he doesn't like mingling with the masses and wanted to get on and off the plane, with the minimum of personal contact.
Like a jerk, I tried to make small talk with Tiny Tim. “Going to NY City,” I cheerfully said.
He looked at me and my Yankee ring like I was turd on the bottom of his shoe. “No, I'm going to Boston!” she snapped back. Like, duh, I'm at the gate taking off to New York City, you moron. Where else could I be going? Now if you know me, you know I don't take spit off anybody. So I cracked back, “That was a statement Tim, not a question.”
Then to show him he wasn't better than me, I told a JetBlue attendant, while McCarver was still haggling with the first Jet Blue attendant about a first row, aisle seat, “I'd like to upgrade my seat to one of those extra legroom seats you advertise. On the isle, if possible”
She said, “Yes sir, I have a 10th row aisle seat available. That will be an extra $35.”
I said, “Great. Hook me up. I have no problem mingling with people.” Then I glanced at McCarver, who was standing less than a foot away from me. “I'm not like some people I know.” Tiny Tim shrugged, like “screw this peon.” McCarver did get the seat he wanted and he continued the rest of the JetBlue Experience to New York City, sitting in the first row, aisle, with his head buried in a newspaper, not speaking a word  to anyone. When the flight was over, he bolted from the plane like the Lone Ranger, without his trusty sidekick Tonto. What an absolute a-hole.


Anonymous said...

Let me tell u about bob gibson or steve carlton heard it 1000 times Timbo FU!!!!!!!!

Jack Meawff said...

I'm so excited, I just can't hide it
I'm about to lose control and I think I like it