Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ivan The Terrible

After three manhattans and a sambucca on the rocks last night, it finally struck me that this Yankee team is finished.

If it wasn't for Nick Swisher's walk-off HR; Jorge's pinch hit HR in the
10th ( followed by MO closing the game ); and A-Rod's come from behind three run blast with 2 outs, and two strikes on him in the ninth, this team would now be on a run of 16 losses in 19 games.

Read that carefully; 16 losses in 19 games at the critical point of the season. CC; AJ; Andy: and assorted others all failing.

Not to mention the hitters.

Let's wake up . No team in baseball has had such a fall-off in all of 2010. Not Kansas City, not the Astros, not Baltimore, not the Nationals, not even the Mets.

This team is living off of wins over crap teams at home, and that is it. If crap teams weren't beating Tampa and Boston more than they should, we would be behind the Blue Jays already.

The metaphor for this team is all the euphoria over Ivan Nova.

The truth is; his only shot in the future will be as a long reliever in blowouts where the Yankees are down by 7 runs. Everyone got all excited about this 23 year old rookie. He would be the Mel Stottlemeyer of 2010 and win 10 straight for us.

He just isn't that good. He has no head. He is a basket case. He will never be any good. Write that in stone.

When Ivan Nova walked some .181 hitting dude name Nava, Nova became Ivan the Terrible.

And he is.

" Nova mas, I say. Nova, mas."

I am now drinking mimosas in anticipation of watching Coach Coughlin get those BB eyes again as he watches, in total disbelief, how shitty this Giants team is. Joe Girardi is getting that look, too, on his post game shows where he tries to explain the team collapse in positive terms.

Think of the Brookln Dodgers blowing their 13 game lead in 1959 ( I think ).

Brandon Jacobs will gain 7 yards today, and throw his "cup" at Kim Jones.

And the Yankees will complete the sweep today.

You can quote me on that.


Joe said...

but when big blue sucks, the yanks are good, no?


el duque said...

Right now, the only thing the Yankees have going for them is the Giants.

Joe De Pastry said...

If anyone but me cares about history, note that the Dodgers blew their lead in 1951.