Friday, September 24, 2010

Has Jorge Turned 50?

I finally broke all my rules and attended a game at the new Yankee stadium.

I said; to hell with sentiment; to hell with memories of Mickey and Billy and Hank Bauer. I don't need to see " old reliable" standing in left field anymore; nor Enos Slaughter racing around the bases; Whitey and Vic Rashie and , my personal favorite, " The Super Chief ( Allie Reynolds ). Steady Eddie and Jerry Coleman.

I put them all to rest and caved.

And Jorge struck out three times in every manner possible. A great Yankee who, last night, looked older than I.

He'll give us a few more big moments, but the air is leaking out of the balloon.


el duque said...

Next year, Jesus cometh.

Joe De Pastry said...

So it was your first game since 1973, when they destroyed ["renovated"] the old place where Bauer, Raschi, et al. actually played?

Response to Joe said...

I've never been that precise a writer, thinker or historian.

But I do enjoy the bottle.