Sunday, September 19, 2010

Prediction: Pat Vendite, the switch-pitcher, has thrown his last for the Yankees

Last night, Trenton fell to Altoona in the Eastern League playoffs, ending the 2010 New York Yankees' minor league season.

Throwing Trenton's final pitch was Pat Vendite, the hurler who, incredibly, throws from both sides of the mound.

Venditte had a great year. At Tampa -- (his second season at Tampa) -- he threw 72 innings with a 1.73 ERA. Promoted to Trenton, he pitched 2 innings and gave up 2 runs. In the Eastern League playoffs, he was lights out.

Trouble is, he's 25. The Yankees won't protect him on the 40-man roster, and let's face it, some smalll market team looking to sell tickets will surely draft him in December. He's an oddity. He's an attraction. And he might even be pretty good.

I do not question the wisdom of Yankee scouts, who know far more about Venditte's chances than I do. But I feel sorry for Venditte. He was drafted by the wrong team.

If signed by almost any other team in baseball, today he would be throwing in a major league park, if only to sell a few tickets. The Yankees wouldn't do that. So he's lost in obscurity, until some other team gives him a chance.


Anonymous said...

he has another year before he is eligable for rule 5, good job guy

Joe De Pastry said...

If Bill Veeck was still around he'd have found a way to coax the Yankees into trading him in a deadline deal for somebody like Austin Kearns.