Thursday, September 30, 2010

Will the death of beloved film star Tony Curtis have an impact on the Yankees playoff chances?

The empirical relationship between celebrity deaths and winning streaks remains one of the enduring mysteries of the 2009 World Champion Yankees.

Just as science has yet to understand what penguins are thinking when they reproduce, so have our greatest analytical minds come up "blank" on why the loss of dear celuloid friends always boosts the Yankee winning percentage. This is why Yankee fans are often seen cheering with tears in their eyes.

Well, don't start cheering yet, Yankiverse.

The death of Tony Curtis will likely impact the Yankee-Redsock series this weekend. After all, Curtis once played "The Boston Strangler." But does this mean the death of a Boston team -- or of a team that would strangle a team of Bostonians?

Curtis' death comes too early to help the Yankees' post-season drive. However, star deaths occur in threes. (See seminal research, IIH 2009) Is Curtis launching a triad? If so, the future -- as Sarah Palin would say -- "bodes well."


Keith Hernandez said...

It's hard to tell with Tony because he says in his autobiography that he did some switch hitting.
see this tony curtis interview

Joe De Pastry said...

Hey Hernandez,
You couldn't find something better to read than Tony Curtis's autobiography?
P.S. But your were the best first baseman I ever saw, which I know is not a PC thing to say on a blog read mostly by Teixeira worshippers.

Keith Hernandez said...

Thanks Joe. I was the best first basemen you ever saw. You'll excuse me I'm trying to stay awake during this Mets-Nationals snoozathon. btw Curtis banged quite a few out of the park.