Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Unfortunately, I Have to say This, Yet Again.....

If not for Nick Swisher's walk-off home run; for Jorge's 10th inning pinch hit HR; for A-Rod's miraculous

3 run HR when down to the Yankee's
last strike of the game, and future hall of famer, Juan Miranda's walk-off walk in game 3 against Boston, this
Yankee team is on a 4-18 run.

I was alive when the Giants came back and beat Brooklyn with the
HR heard round the world, I was in Philly when the Phillies collapsed in the late summer of 1964 and couldn't win a game.

And although I am no longer alive,
I don't see the Yankees winning another regular season game this year.

Duque is spot on. If the White Hose don't beat
the Red Hose in one game, we are going to view the previous Yankee collapse against Boston as a walk on cake. Which disaster, by the way, is viewed by most humans as the single greatest sports failure in history.

And worse, too, than the loss at Hastings in 1066; the Napoleanic route; the woeful crusades and, more recently, the destruction of Ebbets field, the Polo grounds and Yankee stadium.

2010 could be worse.

And Joe is trying to say the Yankees are not in panic mode.

I am in full panic mode.... and so are they.

I am going to drink endlessly until and unless Boston loses. Those who want to join me may hook up at Connolly's on east 46th.

Manhattans at 10:00am.


David Ballela said...

the one at 14 East 47th or 150 East 47th?

Alphonso said...

It is the one at 150 east 47th. Both are good but I prefer the bar at 150 east.

It will be the only way to watch these next two games.

Joev De Pastry said...

I, on the other hand, will be at home trying to watch the game while listening to my two children arguing with my wife about whether it's time to go to bed yet. Sometimes being distracted from the horror show of this team that's been 27-27 since August 1 is not so bad, but they always start up just when Kim Jones gets her 20 seconds on camera.

Alphonso said...

Anything that works is good.

adam said...

I can deal with the former comparisons, but loading the bases in the bottom of the 9th down a run and the 10th while tied is going to win you a lot of fucking ballgames, Juan Miranda or not.

Anonymous said...

I love seeing people eat their words...what kind of fans are you? It ain't over till it's over. Just ask the Red Sox, who came back against us, down 3-0. Alphonso, have a little faith.