Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I'm Getting Sick And Tired of Hopelessness

Once again, the Yankees failed to comeback from a couple of runs down with every opportunity to do so.

Instead, there is no clutch hitting at all. Except for Russell Martin, whom we had to import from the left coast.

I'm thrilled to see Brett Gardener finally reaching his potential ( BA up to .212 I think ) and averaging 1.5 walks per game during the last 6 games for a soaring OBP.

Nonetheless, when it really mattered, when he had "two ducks on the pond" as they say ( for those international followers of IIH,IIf,IIc that translates as: runners on second and third, both in scoring position in the event of a single to the outfield ), he fails.

No walk or bloop single this at bat. No sir.

And this is really when hitting matters. This was a chance to get the Yankees back in a game they were otherwise targeted to lose. To steal a win from the shadows of defeat. An opportunity for the offense to help CC, after he has covered for them so many times.

In fact, if memory serves ( and if it doesn't, it is due to John Walker ) Brett pops into a double play. A lazy fly ball to shallow right field with the chuggingly slow Andruw Jones on third, who tries to score and gets thrown out at home by 15 feet.

Potential rally killed. Inning over. Game over.

And I have to observe; Mr. Clutch, our captain and the man who came through more often than other Yankee in crucial moments; the one guy we would select ( if allowed ) to hit in the most crucial Yankee at bats ever, seems to have abdicated that role as he approaches middle age.

It is understandable.

Though, at the same time, such a devolution represents a terrifying and sobering prospect for this team's chances.

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Anonymous said...

Sobering ? Say it ain't so, Alph ! Say it ain't so...