Thursday, December 12, 2013

In today's Rule 5 draft, the Yankee farm skeleton was picked bare - more than any other team in baseball

We've been lamenting for months the dearth of talent in the Yankee farm system. Prospects, you say? None here.

Then today's Rule 5 Draft happens, and the Yankees lose five players - that's more than any other team in the majors. Five (5) players. Boston lost just one. The Cubs, with their emphasis on youth, lost four. St. Louis - the MLB gold standard - lost three. We lost five.

We lost a RH pitcher by the name of Thomas Kahnle, whom Cashman was offering in trades last summer. I think he figured Kahnle wouldn't be protected, and they'd lose him in December. We might get the guy back. Under the rules, Colorado must keep him on the roster all season, or he returns to us. Once upon a time, San Diego drafted a young Ivan Nova from us, but he couldn't throw strikes in spring training, and he soon came back. So losing Kahnle is sort of a big nothing.

But in the minor league phase, the rules change. The players don't return. They're drafted, and they're gone. And in that second phase, the first player picked - by Houston - was a 21-year-old OF named Ravel Santana. When I saw that name, I flinched. And I bet Cashman did, too.

Not long ago, Santana was being hyped as one of the Yankees best prospects - a do-everything outfielder with a ceiling like the Sistine Chapel. Then he broke his ankle and lost 16 months. (SEE: JETER, RECOVERY TIME) He came back and then broke an arm. Growing up, the guy should have drank more milk. But he's still too young to give up, and we just did. Not whining, here. Just sayin...

The others we lost were RH pitchers Michael O'Brien, Felipe Gonzalez, and Kelvin Castro. Gonzalez and Castro were two of the last three players taken. By then, the pickings had to be slim.

So what does this mean? Be my guest. Maybe the Yankee system wasn't as dead as they say? Or maybe it wasn't - but now is. Ravel Santana: Another one bites the dust. 


JM said...

Rule 5...5 players taken...coincidence?

It's like Chariots of the Gods and that shape stomped into the plateau in Peru. Or the Illuminati at work with their numerology games. Or lizards from the center of the earth taking human form and ruling us sheeple while eating small children.

Something is afoot. The vibrations at work this winter are ominous.

If only L. Ron was still here, he could explain it.

el duque said...

Upon reflection, here is another possible explanation for the Yankees losing so many players:

Could it be that opposing organizations think the Yankees do a bad job of developing players? Thus, you pull one from a failed system and move him to a solid one, he's likely to improve?

JM said...

That doesn't make me feel better, but I bet it's true.