Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Our poll shows that 10 out of every 10 Yankee fans are really, REALLY angry at Robbie Cano

Imagine this scenario:

Early last week, Robbie Cano's plane went down, killing the great Yankee. The news shut down New York. Hal Steinbrenner wept on TV.  Despite brutal weather, thousands packed Yankee Stadium for a memorial service. A-Rod sat beside Bud Selig, Jeter next to Pedroia. The Yankees will retire his number 24. A plaque in Monument Park is coming. He might go straight into the Hall. God, I'm crying now, tears onto the keyboard. MAMA, SAY IT AIN'T SO, ROBBIE CANO, GONE! NOOOOOOOO...

Bear with me.

Thank you. I'm better now.

Well, Robbie Cano IS gone. Good and gone. And good riddance! And that's how the Yankiverse feels, according to the mocking poll on the left side of this site. Normally, we draw no conclusions from polls. They are parlor games. This time, I think we're onto something. The Yankiverse is seething with rage over Joggin' Robbie.

And you know what? I see no reason to apologize for my anger. Same with my support for the Master.

Some people think every team in baseball deserves an insufferable homer announcer except the Yankees. That's why we honor John Sterling with every breath. He may be nuts, but he's ours. Likewise, some people think it's OK for fans in every other city to scream and boo former players - but not Yankee fans. We're supposed to suck it up and accept it, because we sign free agents ourselves. Well, sorry, folks.

Seattle boos A-Rod hysterically, because he walked. Same with Texas. Boston will go nuts when Jacoby Ellsbury returns. All in a day's work. But do they expect Yankee fans to welcome Robbie home? We're supposed to say, "Oh well, he's got mouths to feed, he's putting bread on the table for his family, and let's show him we understand..." Sorry, folks.

Good riddance, Robbie. I'm glad he chose Seattle, because you can't get any farther away. And if he or Jay-Z thinks the Yankiverse will ever forgive, good luck on that. I think they made a huge mistake - a financial mistake - going to Seattle. But what it said about Robbie's character... and if you follow this blog, (God help you), you know it's rare that we side with management.

Actually, I think that stupid poll understates the anger we feel toward Robbie. I think you'd find 11 out of every 10 Yankee fans pissed at him.


KD said...

Exactly!! This blog ain't for the RAB types. We actually have passion. We care, dammit! The majority view of RAB seems to be, of course he took the money. ANYBODY would have done exactly the same thing. YOU would have done the same thing. Like HELL!!!

I just cannot understand Mr. Cano's decision. He didn't think he'd be worth ANYTHING after year seven? Give me a break. Look how we are taking care of Jeter! and how much money is it worth being a current Yankee great and, perhaps just as valuable, an EX-Yankee great? Would Joe D. have sold all those Mr. Coffees if he had been anything other than an ex-Yankee great? Would he have bedded Marilyn Monroe? We all know the answers. (I hope Mr. Cano finds flannel and waffle stompers to be big turn-ons.)

Mr. Cano made a huge financial blunder and I think you, the GREAT el duque, are the first to point that out.

Anonymous said...

if by april my salary quadruples and i become able to afford going to a few yankee games, i will pull a muscle boo'ing robbie (while he, of course, has a multi-HR game) to match the heart attack i had boo'ing pavano in a twins uniform (while he was, of course, shutting us out).

Leinstery said...

Yeah, why is Sterling terrible when he loves rooting for the Yankees but that ass that does White Sox games isn't? YOU CAN PUT IT ON THE- shut the fuck up. And one thing Sterling does that he never gets credit for is he can show appreciation for the other team. He does a toned down win warble for the other team when the Yankees lose, he calls great defensive plays by opponents with the same excitement that he would if a Yankee not named Derek Jeter made the play. Anyways, if you don't like Sterling then you get out.

And Cano sucks. Can't wait to see his numbers without the short porch.