Friday, November 7, 2014

Just Let Him Play, for Cripe's Sake !!

I see a lot of blathering about A-Rod.  Is he or is he not a scum bag?  Who cares?

A few things are likely true:

1.  It was the Yankee ownership's stupidity that they re-signed A-Rod to a longer, more lucrative contract when, " no one was competing for his services."  This blog, and every fan I knew realized it was the Yankees only chance to get out from under the A-rod contractual burden. The opportunity was like a gift from MLB. And, sure enough, the brain dead Yankee owners, re-signed him in some sort of panic fog.  So the remaining $61 million is on them.

And all the related issues of having him around, are on them.

2.  A-Rod has always chased the money.  What an insight.  Wouldn't we?  If I could milk out one year doing something I really like, something like playing ball, I would grovel and keen in front of anyone for the $20 million one year would bring.  So let's not blame him as some sort of pig.  He is like all american male pigs.  Only he gets more action.

3.  The Yankees have already folded their tent for the next several years by re-signing the architect of failure, Brian Cashman.   So let's stop pretending we are going to win anything by keeping Chase Headly, Brian McCarthy and Steven Drew in the fold.  Let's stop pretending that AAA first
 baseman ( Bird ) will be given a chance to replace our .220 slugger, Texiera, at first base.  Let's stop pretending that there will be any " baseball reasons' to watch the Yankees next year.

But here is something the baseball people can do;  start A-Rod at 3rd base and play him 9 innings, every game, every day.  He will earn his money that way.  If he pulls muscles, strikes out, can't get to pop-ups, keep him in there.  He is our guy at third for the next three years.  This will be worth tuning in for.

Don't yield to any of this DH crap, where he gets to sit all day, spit pumpkin seeds and strike out.  Let him play.

Maybe, like a light bulb on the way out, he flashes brightly.   Maybe he goes dark early. Whatever he does, it will make no difference in how the Yankees do.

This team is not going to see the playoffs.

 But watching A-Rod earn his money will be worth something.


I'm Bill White said...

The Yankees should agree to pay all but 1 cent of his contract and trade him someplace else that he would be willing to go (thanks to the no trade clause).

If there is no market for his services, he should be waived.

This blog presents many theories about the role and impact of sports reporters, especially as it relates to one Alex Rodriguez. Sometimes they are minions of ownership, tasked with savaging a player's reputation, and armed with inside dirt courtesy of the club or the head office. In others, they are the leading edge that shapes public opinion of a player. In still others, they are sloppy, unprofessional hacks that shoot from the hip and do a disservice to their profession.

To me, all that talk is beside the point.

If we use him as the chosen field of battle for attacking what's wrong with sports media, what's wrong with the Yankees, what's wrong with modern society, we've already lost and what's the point?

Alex Rodriguez must go. It's time to move on.

Thank you.

I'm Bill White

Alphonso said...

to: I'm Bill White,

It is my contention that Alex would quickly embarrass himself if he had to actually play third base on a regular basis ( I care not what happens to the Yankees as a result, because they are doomed anyway ), and rush to make a deal to get out, and move on.

My approach, of course, will not happen. But it is a pleasant idea.

I'm Bill White said...

I see your point and offer only one suggestion. He must play shortstop then.

el duque said...

They'd get best value with A-Rod as player/manager.

KD said...

aren't we still looking for a hitting coach?