Sunday, November 16, 2014

Newest inductee to the IT IS HIGH Yankee fan Hall of Fame: the late Bill "The Baker" Stimers

He remembered details from every game going back to 1952.
In the ensuing decades, Mr. Stimers became a part of Yankees lore. He was frequently called on by sportswriters and broadcasters to conjure up statistics, such as the leaders in sacrifice fly balls going back 50 years.
Gay Talese, the New York writer who met Mr. Stimers while working on an article about Yankees manager Joe Girardi , said Mr. Stimers’s memory extended beyond box scores, to such obscure trivia as the name of Babe Ruth’s landlord, the home address of Joe DiMaggio’s tailor and Mr. Steinbrenner’s telephone number when he was a student at Williams College in Massachusetts.

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KD said...

A true Yankees fan, he expired in the Bronx at the Hebrew Home at Riverdale. You can't make this stuff up.