Monday, November 24, 2014

Last night's death rattle in the Meadowlands could be a sign of what's to come next summer in the Bronx

Last night, the Jersey Giants lost to the always-despicable Dallas Cowboys in what should have been a Meadowlands heart-breaker. But when the last dagger plunged - the NFL's Hunger Games supreme command overturned a ref's decision - the NYC crowd erupted into cheers.

Cheers. This was not a hallucination. The place cheered for Jerry Jones, which is like rooting for herpes.

And in my home luxury box, so did I.

Dear God, I confess... lock me up in chains... but I wanted Dallas to win.

This is what happens when you've become so dispirited - so sour on a team's management - that all you want is for certain people to disappear. This must be what it's like to be one of those 75-year-old Obama haters in Arizona. I used to love Tom Coughlin. Now, I cannot stand to see him fling his hands into the air like an electrified Chuckie doll. I loved Eli Manning. Now, I yearn to see Ryan Nassib. Ryan Fricking Nassib! DEAR GOD, I HATE MYSELF. And last night, I rooted against the Giants, because the worst that can happen would be for them to win five meaningless games down the stretch, finish at 8-8, and extend this dead management for another three to five years.

Which brings me to the Yankees.

I have not descended into that Code Red Zone of Venom about the Yankee front office - not yet. I am still gullible enough to gush over Zelous Wheeler, when he homers in his second at bat, and start pondering his plaque in Monument Park. But last night, the seeds of another mediocre Yankee season were being sown.

As the Gints were whiffing against Tony Romo, Boston was entering a five-year deal with Hanley Ramirez. This would be good news for Yankee fans - Hanley is a creaky SS with holly-jolly hamstrings - if it signified an end to the Redsocks free agent build-up. In fact, it likely represents the beginning.

Right now, Ramirez is more likely to play 3B or the OF. And the looming question is whether his signing means Boston has punted on Pablo Sandoval, or they plan to stack slugger bookends at 1B and 3B - building the most potent lineup of 2015.  Either way, they can trade for pitching - keep in mind, they're flush with prospects - and they may still be in the hunt for Jon Lester.

Do we expect to counter that with a bounce-back year from Carlos Beltran?

But Yankee fans know The Big Fear: That Boston's build-up prompts Hal Steinbrenner to do something incredibly stupid, such as make a doomsday trade for Troy Tulowitski. We could wrap our future around an aging shortstop from the fortified air of Colorado, a star of 2013, with a crumbling set of hips. Throughout the 1980s, Hal's father made such moves repeatedly. Is the son doomed to repeat his father's past?

Last night, we saw the apocalypse: The people of New York cheered for the Cowboys.

Next September, could we be hearing that same kind of death rattle in the Bronx?


John M said...

I'm just glad I didn't watch the whole game last night. By halftime, I would've thought they had it in the bag.

Instead, another collapse by the defense. And then, right at the end, I thought they were going to pull it out...and then saw there were 3 minutes on the clock and got this sinking feeling.

After muffing the first two games on the list, I had 10 in a row yesterday in the football pool. The Giants put an end to that.

And the Cowboys put an end to them.

But how 'bout that catch? Those sticky gloves are amazing.

Alphonso said...

The Yankees could use some of those sticky gloves.

I think the " death rattle" next season, for the Yankees, begins in April.

By September, Yankee fans will be watching the women's world cup soccer matches.