Saturday, November 29, 2014

Turkey Week: Yankees not shopping for players their fans don't really want anyway

Every day, I see the standard Chase Headley update. Actually, it's not an update. It offers no news, other than the news that there is no news. But it gives updated speculation: His back is OK, or it's not. He's seeking a four-year deal, or he's not. The Yankees want him, but not that badly.

This is like deciding between a Quarter Pounder or a Big Mac. Either will fill your belly for the time being, but over the long haul make you sick.

Don't get me wrong. No bones to pick with Chase. He took one in the jaw against Tampa and never complained. But his career has been on a four-year decline, with one brief interlude: His stint with the Yankees - when he proved to be - low bar alert: - an improvement over Yangervis Solarte. We're supposed to get drunk about keeping him in pinstripes? I don't know which is worse - no news or bad news.

Same with Chris Capuano. I guess he's going to Japan, along with Zelous Wheeler. OK, fine. Cross another one off the list, or maybe not.

The Redsocks have broken their bank, the Blue Jays are making their move, Baltimore is the returning power, and Tampa is still Evan Longora and a wave of young arms. The Yankees may or may not have Chase Headley. Nothing is happening. But it could be worse.

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Anonymous said...

The biggest move the yankees need to make is.... Get All the players who who were injured in 2013 healthy again!! If we can do that truthfully we need a SS and were have a shot at winning the division.. I know that's a lot of players to get healthy, but it's a long off season the rehab.. I also wanted to mention the first year transistion.. The many we acquired in free agency in 2013 have a year under their belt to acclimate to the clubhouse,NY, coaches etc...

In 2014 lets get some youth from the system on this team.. Look at how Betances excelled.. Trust the system and give them a shot.. Pirella or the other kid at 2nd base and Banelous as the #5 starter!! Let's go Yankees!!!!