Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The New York Giants are brilliantly horrible

Last night, on the first play of a series, they were called for delay of game.

I mean... wow.

How do you do that?

Your team gets the ball. Your offense jogs onto the field. You huddle. You've called the play on the sidelines, right? At this point, there shouldn't be a big debate on what to call. You say the play, break from the huddle, and everybody jogs up to the line of scrimmage.

The Giants run a no-huddle offense. They are supposed to move fast, keep the other team unsettled. How is it that on the f*ing first play of an f*ing series, you can't f*ing snap the f*ing ball in the f*ing time allotted?

This is absolute genius.

This is the next phase of human evolution in mediocrity.

New York City... The Paris of culture, the Mecca of finance, and the Podunk of pro sports.


KD said...

I thought we had given up on football? I've missed a lot of games because of you, duque!

Back to Yankees baseball. poor A-Rod. Even when he altruistically supports family members down on their luck, the damn press and legal system just have to bring everything back to PEDs. Our hero just can't catch a break.


John M said...

ESPN can't have a month without their latest 'A-Rod Is Evil' story.

Best Giants joke this season (aside from this season):

Peyton Manning sets the new TD record, so his little brother Eli phones to offer congratulations...but the call is intercepted.

Ba boom. Blame Craig Ferguson.

Alphonso said...

How the frig, indeed?

Maybe the players were all looking in their socks.