Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Doomed to repeat? Meet the new spring... same as the old spring.

Psst. You. Yeah, you. Wanna make some quick clams in Vegas? Well, keep this under your hat, but a little birdie tells me this pitcher for the Yankees is gonna be really something this year. Yep, a source down in Tampa says he was looking really good yesterday. The pitcher's name is Ivan Nova, and this source - I'll just call him Joe - doesn't just talk up a guy unless he means it...

Insert wretch here.

It's that time of year. Happy Talk Time. By now, everything that can be said about the 2016 Yankees has had a winter to fester. All the "LISTS OF KEY YANKEES IN 2016" have been published. All the depth charts have been completed. (Actually, we added career banjo-hitting 1B Chris Parmelee yesterday, changing the dynamics in Scranton!) So what is there to say, except Mel Thunderthigh has reported in the best condition of his career, or Ernie McBombthrower has developed a knee-buckling new change-up, and young Snappy McBarfalot has found religion, and he's now dedicating each at bat to God. It's Happy Talk Time.

Ivan Nova plans a big year in 2016? Guess what? He planned a big 2015! Let's set the Wayback for last February and visit the Yankees archive.

Brendan Ryan knows what the back of his baseball card has looked like for the last few seasons, but the Yankees infielder believes that he can be counted on for more than just a good glove.

2/24/2015 | Bailey hoping to make Yankees' investment pay off 

The Yankees have preached patience with Andrew Bailey, hoping that the former All-Star closer will be able to take advantage of their facilities and pay big dividends down the line. That time may be quickly approaching.

2/24/2015 | Capuano ready to earn one of Yanks' 5 spots 

Chris Capuano is being looked at as a strong contender to pitch in the back end of manager Joe Girardi's rotation, and the veteran left-hander said he is not concerned about the possibility of being the odd man out later in the year.

2/24/2015 | Nova able to pace himself at Yankees' camp 

Ivan Nova refuses to look too far ahead, resisting the urge thus far to peek at the schedule and circle some summer dates. As he continues to rehab from Tommy John surgery, the Yankees' right-hander has been absorbing his plans one week at a time.

2/23/2015 | Beltran eager to get back to form in pinstripes 

Injuries kept Carlos Beltran from producing the type of numbers that he expected in his first Yankees season, and as he takes his first swings of Spring Training, the veteran slugger believes that he is coming back with something to prove.

As CC Sabathia prepared to step on an outdoor mound for the first time this year on Saturday morning, the big left-hander could not hold back a toothy grin. He understands the questions of doubters -- especially having been limited to just eight starts last season -- and is looking forward to the challenge ahead.

The Yankees made a $25 million pitch for Yoan Moncada on Sunday, but it was not enough to reach an agreement with the switch-hitting Cuban infielder.


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