Tuesday, February 23, 2016

John Sterling on the 2016 Yankees: "You have to play the games."

The Master sat down with Boomer and somebody last week. Why didn't this get more coverage? (That damn Trump!)  Some central points made by John:

Starting pitching: "The key to the team. (Emphasis, mine) If their starting pitching stays healthy, you know what they'll have at the end of the game, and they'll have enough offense."

What will happen? "That's a big question. No one can answer it, either. But that's a big question: Will they stay healthy?"

What about Didi Gregorius? "He was terrific in the second half, both with the glove, and he also hit a bit."

What about Mark Teixeira? (John crinkles face.) "Well, in spring training, everything is good. So you have to, you have to wait and see. It doesn't really matter what your opinion is. You have to play the games."

Honoring David Ortiz: "He's been such a great player, such an important part of the Yankee-Redsocks competition. And don't forget, they honored both Mariano and Jeter."

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John M said...

"...and they'll have enough offense."

Whaaaat? Has he been watching the same team as us? The team that scores tons of runs but only in huge bunches, and then can't get a guy home from second to save their lives when it counts?

Did Sterling watch the "playoff" game? Didn't he call any of the games in the last month or two of the season?

The mind boggles.