Friday, February 26, 2016

This year, A-Rod has nowhere to go but down

The first Yankee to arrive in Tampa is always Hope. He pulls in before the first pitch is thrown, the first body is weighed. He begins with the team's annual Top 10 prospects lists - which never compare the Yankees with other teams. Then come the tongue-panting stories of new world outlooks, improved workouts, upgraded diets, blah-blah-blah... the crapola that writers funnel and fans eat with knife and fork. Our spring buffet!

So, today, let us savor the fresh, steaming write-ups that proclaim Alex Rodriguez as Mr. Yankee, noting the difference from last year, when the Gammonites were measuring his neck for the noose.

Last year, the likes of Billy Madden were telling us - assuring us - that A-Rod would never - ever - play another game as a Yankee. When A-Rod arrived early, the act was viewed as a craven attempt to seem like he actually cared. When he apologized, it was a craven attempt to grab headlines. Whatever he said was viewed through a gotcha lens.

This year, everything is groovy.

Too groovy?

A-Rod better not cash those good will checks. He's 40, he's a full-time DH on a team loaded with DHs, and if he starts slogging as he did last September, he'll find himself once again on the wrong side of the line.

And let's not kid ourselves with high-brow talk of cheating or basic morality: If a player hits, or if a pitcher pitches, the fans always forgive, and the teams always pay out.

Last year, you had the feeling that Alex Rodriguez was the only person in the world who had faith in Alex Rodriguez. He had only one option - to fight for his survival. This year - hate to be a nudge - but he can only go downhill. Let's cross our fingers. One more year?

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jdrny said...

He's good for the team but I still say Girardi does not know how to use him.
He is not a #3 anymore. He should be moved around in the order depending on who's pitching, how he's hitting, etc.
And he should be given plenty of off days.
Occasionally play the field. Only occasionally.